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Infiniverse is a decentralized Augmented reality ​ (AR) platform and persistent virtual world on top of the real world, powered by the EOS (blockchain) ​ and InterPlanetary File System ( IPFS ​).


Users can bring digital content into the real world, allowing it to be seen and interacted with by any other nearby users. The platform also allows users to place persistent content in the world, which remains in the same physical location even after the user has left the area or quit the application. However, due to the scarcity of real world space, users must purchase or rent “land”, the digital layer of real world locations, in order to place persistent content there ​. [1] Infiniverse has its own economy and virtual currency: Infinicoin, an EOS token. Infinicoin is used to register land and make transactions on the marketplace.

Unlike in digital worlds based on Virtual reality ​ (VR), digital content is overlaid on top of the real world in AR, using a smartphone or smart glasses. This allows users to remain connected to the real world and other people around them, while simultaneously experiencing virtual content. [1]

The blockchain ​ gives users full control and security over their virtual currency, land ownership and digital assets, while content is duplicated and distributed across the IPFS ​ network . [1] This ensures that the Infiniverse digital world will not shut down or lose​ state for as long as it has an active user-base.


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The team has been working on Infiniverse since July 2017, while Infiniverse, Inc. was incorporated in the U.S. ​ state of Delaware ​ in January 2018. [6] ​ In February 2018, Infiniverse embarked upon a collaboration with Samsung Next, assisting them with the development of WhARe, Samsung Next's AR Cloud product [6] ​. In May 2018, Infiniverse was one of eight companies out of 241 applications selected to pitch live at Augmented World Expo in California​. [7] The Infiniverse website [2] ​ was launched in August 2018, along with a promo video. [4] The Infiniverse public beta release is scheduled for Q4 2018, simultaneously to an airdrop of Infinicoin to EOS owners​. [6]


Infiniverse facilitates the registry of land and distribution of content. It also offers users a digital marketplace where users can buy, sell and rent digital assets. The marketplace allows users to sell their creations, trade unique items, and buy and rent land, all without percentage-based commissions. Transactions between users within the digital world are registered on the EOS blockchain. [1]


Infinicoin is scheduled to be airdropped to EOS owners in Q4 2018. [6] ​ The Infiniverse platform offers users a number of avenues to start a business and earn Infinicoin: [1]


  • Selling digital assets the marketplace
  • Selling and renting land
  • Placing premium content on land
  • Doing jobs for other users
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