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Ian D. Scherzer (born in June, 1985) is an American-born visionary entrepreneur and venture capitalist based in Bridgewater, New Jersey​.

Ian is the founder of iCity Repair, a full service smartphone & tablet repair center located inside the Bridgewater Commons Mall. In addition to growing iCity Repair into a successful business, he is also an investor focused on helping other entrepreneurs and startups. One of these investments is in a company named ‘Shlocker’, which is now in Bed Bath & Beyond stores across the country.

Scherzer is notably recognized for his consistent philanthropic efforts in and around his community, supporting dozens of local causes, organizations and individuals.

Early Life


Scherzer was born in June 1985, in Queens, NY. His mother and father moved to Central NJ where he then grew up. Ian began showing signs of an entrepreneurial mindset from a young age. Throughout middle school Ian would sell Chupa Chups Lollipops and Nestle Crunch candy bars out of his locker for cash, which grew into a substantial business for him at the time.

After middle school he attended South Brunswick High School where he founded the Zeta Nu chapter of Sigma Alpha Rho​, a high school Jewish fraternity. Mingling and socializing always came easy for Ian, which helped him develop his strong networking skills that he has in the business world today.

Ian has always displayed a love for mountain biking and skiing, even from a young age. Scherzer has raced with Nastar ( the world's largest known recreational ski and snowboard race program. [1][2]) and said the experience allowed him to connect with nature and understand the value of hard work.


After high school, Scherzer would enroll into the University of Hartford. He majored in Management Information Systems and minored in Insurance Finance at Hartford's Barney School of Business​. As in high school, Scherzer remained an active socialite and became a member of Tau Epsilon Phi.

During his enrollment at the University of Hartford,​ he also volunteered his time for various charity causes. One of the most transformational for him was Habitat for Humanity where he helped build homes for those in need. This experience humbled him and helped form his views towards community service and charity.

In 2007, [2] Ian went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Barney School of Business.


Merrill Lynch

Out of college, Scherzer jumped right into the workforce. He began working for Merrill Lynch​ as an assistant to the Vice President. During this period Ian was was mentored to understand how to effectively communicate and make progress in the corporate world. His position quickly grew into a Project Manager role within the creative services department.  In this position he was responsible for assisting consultants in providing communication materials to 401(k) clients. Scherzer pays credit to his communication skills which helped him truly excel in this role.

Ian’s time at Merrill Lynch ended up being a great learning experience for him, however, his time there was cut short due to the financial crisis of 2008.  In the initial aftermath of the great recession​, Scherzer was let go from his position.

My Expert PC

Following his position at Merrill Lynch, Ian decided to pursue his entrepreneurial urges and went on to to found My Expert PC in 2009. The idea came to him while skiing in the back bowls of Breckenridge Ski Resort.

His extensive background with technology and his desire to help people led him to starting the computer focused company. Its services included personal computer and systems integration as well as repairs.

To get his new business off the ground Ian offered free repair service to his community at the local library, fixing all of their broken computers at no charge. This allowed Scherzer to give back to his local community while simultaneously helping grow his new companies brand awareness.

As technology progressed, Ian began seeing the emerging prevalence of mobile devices in marketplace. These smartphone and tablet devices that were beginning to be developed were extremely advanced, however they were also very fragile.

As the mobile device adoption accelerated, My Expert PC quickly had broken iPhones piling up in the store. Ian saw this new opportunity and seized it by opening a full service device repair company named iCity Repair.

iCity Repair

iCity Repair is a full service device repair center dedicated to smartphones and tablets. The most common repairs include: screen repairs, water damage repair, and battery replacements. During the initial years, iCity Repair had multiple brick and mortar locations in North Brunswick, Somerset, New Brunswick, Paterson, Manhattan, and Edison until its present day location inside the Bridgewater Commons Mall. Strategically located across from the Apple store in the center of the mall, iCity Repair has successfully repaired over 160,000 devices since its inception.

Ian helped install his core values into his new business which ultimately lead to its growth and continued success. The first of these values is providing ‘Premier Quality’. To Ian this meant investing in top quality parts to be used for every repair. It also meant taking to time to hire and train the best technicians.

In addition to making iCity Repair the leading device repair company in NJ, Scherzer also wanted to do it while providing ‘Exceptional Service’. Treating others with the utmost respect and positive attitude was instilled into iCity Repair.

In 2017, iCity Repair partnered with Conversion Chasers, a new era digital marketing agency. This partnership allowed iCity Repair to reach the next level by focusing on targeted digital advertising strategies such as Google Adwords, Display Advertising, Youtube Advertising and Facebook Ads.

By embracing the digital revolution and dedicating the company to quality and customer service, Ian was able to grow the iCity Repair brand into a local household name.


One of Ian’s most notable investments is with a company named ‘Shlocker, a company who produces shower lockers. The Shlocker is great for anyone sharing a bathroom and allows you to lock all of your soaps, shampoos, and other products into a wall mounted locker. “Say goodbye to the days of shampoo moochers and dirty soap!” Ian loved the idea and believed in the company's founders which lead to his investment with the company.

The team at Shark Tank reached out to Shlocker during their early stages and offered them a position on the show. During the decision process, Mr. Wonderful apparently critiqued them for not having any sales yet. Ultimately, the company made the decision to hold off on appearing on the show until they had accumulated some sales. Even without the exposure Shark Tank would have brought, Shlocker was able to secure an impressive partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond who now stocks the Shlocker in stores all over the US.

Startup Accelerator Program

In 2018 Ian founded the ‘Princeton Startup Accelerator” in Princeton, NJ.  Its mission is to help encourage entrepreneurship and mentor local young adults in his local community. To accomplish this mission, Scherzer takes Rutgers Entrepreneurial students under his wing and mentors them throughout the entire startup process. This program allows students to learn about the integral role technology plays in starting a business and making money in today’s marketplace.

The Princeton Startup Accelerator exposes its members to the most recent digital strategies companies and freelancers are using to make a living. The program covers Ecommerce, Dropshipping, Paid Social Media Advertising, Copywriting, and Influencer marketing. Scherzer uses this as a hands on way to help mentor and impact the lives of the upcoming generations.


Giving back to his local community has been a part of Ian’s plan since the beginning. Ian donates both time and money to multiple local causes and organizations he believes in. Many of these organizations are experiencing budget cuts or no budget at all and he knows his donations truly help them continue to operate.

Some of Scherzer's’ and iCity Repairs’ recent donations and sponsorships include:

  • Hunterdon Huskies Cheerleading
  • South Brunswick High School Newspaper
  • Somerville Baseball Team
  • Piscataway School District iPad Repair Program
  • Gesher LeKesher Mentoring with Jewish Family Children’s Services
  • Somerville Athletic Club
  • Mentor local business protegees such as Nick Filchy and Sean Kelley.

Personal Life

In his free time, Ian loves to participate in outdoor activities such as skiing and mountain biking. Ian married his high school sweetheart and has two beautiful girls. One of his goals in life is to become a full-time philanthropist.

In addition to sports, Ian is also an avid photographer and art collector. Some of his personal collection includes original numbered prints by artists such as:

  • Os Gemeos
  • Alex Grey
  • The Shepard Fairy (obey)
  • Alexis Diaz
  • Sweet Toof
  • Swoon
  • Brianwash
  • Kaws
  • Charles Fanzzino
  • Saberone

Scherzer lives by the quote "All Failures Are Milestones" as a way to remind himself of how you can learn from those experiences to create future success. [4]

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