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Hyjal (US PvE) is a medium population server (also referred to as a realm) for the MMORPG, World of Warcraft ​. [2] ​ The server was launched in 2004 and is one of many eligible servers for inbound Character Realm Transfers. [3]

Hyjal was one of the original launch servers that launched alongside World of Warcraft on November 23, 2004. [3]

As of March 13, 2018, the estimated Alliance to Horde ratio is 20.33% Alliance and 78.37% Horde with 1.30% Unknown (most likely Neutral Pandaren), making it a predominantly Horde dominated server. There are an estimated 360,272 characters on the Hyjal server, 59.21% of which are male characters and 40.79% of which are female characters. [2]

As of March 13, 2018, the most popular Character Race on Hyjal is Blood Elf, accounting for 26.95% of the population. The most popular Character Class on Burning Legion is Hunter, accounting for 10.95% of the total population. [2]

Hunter: 10.95%
Warrior: 9.23%
Druid: 9.80%
Paladin: 9.26%
Death Knight: 8.97%
Priest: 8.64%
Warlock: 8.03%
Mage: 8.44%
Shaman: 7.68%
Rogue: 7.35%
Monk: 7.12%
Demon Hunter: 4.53%

Blood Elf: 26.95%
Orc: 11.79%
Tauren: 10.79%
Troll: 9.92%
Undead: 9.11%
Human: 5.92%
Goblin: 5.15%
PandarenH: 4.66%
Night Elf: 4.90%
Worgen: 2.28%
Draenei: 2.31%
Pandaren (Neutral): 1.30%
Pandaren (Horde): 1.09%
Dwarf: 1.83%
Gnome: 1.99%
Pandaren (Alliance): 0.00%

Player Guilds

There are 7,463 player guilds on Burning Legion. The largest player guild on Hyjal is <Deadly Intent>, a Horde guild with 968 members as of March 13m 2018. Due to the cap of 1,000 players in a single guild, it is unlikely that the guild will grow much larger. [2]

Largest Guilds on Hyjal [2]

Deadly Intent: 968
Forgotten Aspects: 957
Requiem Of Crows: 930
Antisocial Club: 908
TF: 871
Disconnected: 867
xFairyTail: 810
Fires of Heaven: 795
Altitude: 793

Name Origins

The Hyjal server is named after Mount Hyjal, a zone in World of Warcraft that contains the site of the World Tree. For many years, Hyjal was inaccessible by players and could only be accessed through an exploit known as wall jumping, wherein players would jump up the side of an otherwise impassable mountain. [4]

In the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm ​ expansion, players were able to explore and level through the zone from levels 80-82. It was one of the first zones to make heavy use of Blizzard's phasing technology, which allowed different players to see different versions of the same zone depending on their quest progress within the game. [4]

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