HYGH is an open-source startup project from Germany​ to create an advertising network​ and content management system​ that provides real-time peer-to-peer interaction between brands and consumers. It aims to redefine current online advertising standards by increasing efficiency, profitability and accessibility of digital outdoor advertising. With the platform's app, everyone can become an advertiser. The app converts any internet-enabled digital display, tablets, smart TVs into a bookable advertising space. HYGH was conceptualized in 2017. The projects' founding team includes Vincent Mueller, Fritz Frey, Antonius Link and Jurgen Sprecht.[1]

In July 2018, HYGH won the grand prize for the Best Startup competition at Satoshi United, Singapore. In addition, it went on win a number of other awards including ICO Of The Year at Crypto Challenge Forum London 2018, Best ICO Pitch at Blockchain Life Conference, St. Petersburg 2018 and Best STO at Blockchain Park, World Economic Forum, Davos 2019.[2]

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