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In the spring of 2016, the most active practice of HRADBA 2016 has been the most active practice, where 1090 active midfielder from all 14 pedestrians in KVV, AZ VP and AZ 72.mpr were called.

The aim of the exercise was to examine the ability and preparedness of AZ soldiers within the framework of organic units for their operational deployment in the Czech Republic.

The exercises were aimed at guarding important state defense facilities (ODOS) and guarding the state border. [1] [2] [4]

Practice HRADBA 2016

records of the commander of the pedestrian company AZ Praha., kpt. Ladislav Košťák

Day 1

Thursday 14 April 2016
Lessons have been learned in the field of training safety. There was also the assignment of the weapons that the soldiers must carry along throughout the exercise.

Day 2

Friday 15 April 2016.
The Company's staff began to elaborate the command of the company commander. The platoons conducted training under the guidance of experienced instructors from the 72nd Mechanized Battalion. The training was focused on activities at the control point, chemical preparation and combat drills.Immediately after dinner at 19 o'clock, a chemical preparation began, including the masking of masks.

Day 3: The night is awaiting us to move

Saturday 16th April.
The most anticipated event of today's day for all members of the company is an all-night move that starts in groups from 20 hours 30 minutes. The reason for the timing is that the move takes place under dark night conditions, and no group has been favored by having a bit of daylight for the good. Moving to roughly 18 kilometers with difficult and partially subdued terrain will take up to the early hours of the morning, with a return limit of 5 am.
Most companies have been practicing various tactical situations: contact with the enemy: reaction to assault, artillery overflow, and detachment from the enemy. Furthermore, helicopter boarding and escorting, personal inspection of suspects at the control-release site, coupling and weapon handling.

Night 3: Night Patrol

On Saturday, at 20:30, the first group came out on the night patrol. The groups started after 20 minutes. The basic instruction for route planning was the prohibition of using backbone communications at Libavá VVP between Mrsklesy - Libavá.

Already during the planning of the transfer route, it was obvious that a large portion would lead to so-called tanks that are designed for track-laying. It is 20 to 50 m wide, in the free terrain of the "paths", after which the band technology has been traveling for decades. On the "trips", which, in their profile, rather reminiscent of the motocross race, there were many huge piles of deep tens of centimeters in the rain last week, sometimes across the width of the road. Soldiers were forbidden to use light fixtures.

RF-13 radios were used for the connection, at specified intervals and at each checkpoint patrols had to report the position.

The first band came out in the dark, the night was bright and the moon was beautifully illuminated. There was a thunderstorm around 22h, which fortunately quickly passed. They all got a little wet and the roads became even more slippery. The rest of the night was shining again in the moon, which greatly helped the orientation in the space - neither the company from Prague nor the company from Liberec ever practiced in this area, so they moved for them in unknown terrain.

At the checkpoints, the troops were expected to meet the tasks they had to meet.

The first site - chemical preparation, 5 selected members performed the action on the gas spraying - adjust the raincoats, the last time was measured.

Second habitat - healthcare. The soldiers were divided into small groups and had to treat the wounded with a shot of the foot, one pair carried out the animation on the manikin, and one quadrant of transport wounded on the stretcher.

Third Habit - Shooting Preparation. Five members of the group carried out in the form of a squadron relay and a Pi pistol gun vz.82 and a Sa-58 submachine gun, the total time was measured.

Fourth Habit - Physical Preparation. The four selected members of the unit had to push the UAZ 100m into a mild hill, time again.

Fifth habitat - connecting preparation. Five selected members of the group had to prepare RF-13 for radio operation, time was again measured.

The sixth station in the Smilov log cabin was at the same time a goal. Here, five members of the unit had to throw a grenade into a rectangle, and each had to throw as long as he did not. When he did not, he had to get to the grenade and try it again.

The last group returned to camp Sunday Sunday at 06:35.

Day 4: Recovering forces and building ODOS

Monday 18 April.
For the public the first working day after the weekend rest, for the AZ company another intensive part of the training.

One platoon assigned the responsibility to carry out the AOP, went to the destination and, after completing it, conducted the reconnaissance of the terrain. The terrain in the AOR area is rugged and hilly, with a lot of clutter. The platoon commander has decided to carry out eight people in the space of the patrol, which will be guarded and protected by irregular patrols. The platoon trained lawsuits against persons who would commit illegal border crossings. We built a Command Commander instead. Then there was a practice of patrolling.

The second platoon was tasked with building a strategic object (in military slang called ODOS - an object important for state defense), in the past articles of the mentioned mansion. In practice, a gate (gate) was fortified by a mobile control-release site (KPM), a barrier system primarily designed to build a checkpoint. The fences around the building were fortified with razor-sharp barbed wire - concertina. In several strategic locations, the firing positions of machine guns were built.

Day 5: Prepare for a VIP visit and recall training shots

Today, on April 19th,
The security and protection of the strategic property and the area of responsibility in the field was enriched with another subject: The company's premises will arrive tomorrow on April 20th, VIP person, a prominent politician who wants to personally know the status of the tasks and the overall situation .

This theme of the exercise is quite realistic: Delegations of politicians regularly take place at different levels in foreign missions where ACR contingents are deployed. This is not a formality but a substantial part of the civilian control of the armed forces. These visits need to be secured and carried out in all aspects, especially the security, and still carry out the tasks of the operation. In this article, I want to return to yesterday's practice - training shootings.

Yesterday, April 18
fire drills from organic weapons were carried out by the AZ foot soldier, vz. 58 ​, light machine gun Vz. 59 ​ and pistols 82 ​. These training shootings are prepared and directed directly by AZ companies, professional instructors only supervise the course and intervene only when needed.

The training shootings have two aspects: Firstly, it is to test the shooting qualities of the unit as well as individual soldiers. Equally important is the good organization of shooting and adherence to safety rules.

Rota has completed the tasks on the shooting and no unpleasant events have occurred. When I divorce it a little, the soldiers can shoot and the company can organize the exercise separately. But that does not mean that there is nothing to criticize and that there is nothing to improve on the activities of a company in trained shooting (and of course not only for shooting, but in general). Professional instructors have called our unit a slow start in the introductory part of the so-called shot, when the soldiers test whether the weapon works well and has well-calibrated sights. The art of well-executed shooters consists of a good organization of shifts (teams of soldiers who go to the firing line to shoot the exercise) and the shooting process for each task. When shooting, it should swing without breaking the security principles. A very important role is played by the control shotgun, which controls the individual stations, controls the safety and must count on the obligation to immediately record the results.

Day 6: VIP Protection Training

The day was dedicated to the training of activities related to the visit of a VIP person in the company's premises. This is done with the simultaneous implementation of the protection and security of the strategic object (ODOS) and other tasks.

Day 8: End at Best

Thursday 21.4
After the minister's departure, he did not follow rest. It continued to fulfill the tasks of protecting the strategic object even when guarding and protecting the designated area (area of responsibility) at the national border. This is in the conditions of the growing sleep deficit and the increasing intensity of incidents caused by terrorist groups. This activity continued until this morning. The training was finished by 12 o'clock. Now the soldiers have to clean up the weapons, the handing over of the material and the next preparations for tomorrow's return to Prague. This includes the completion of a large paper agenda - daily orders, warrants and other documents.

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