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HKEOS is an EOS block producer candidate and also one of the first Dapps incubator. [1] [2] As a BP, the company has an exclusive strategic partnership with DataChu, a Bhutan-based IT company committed to positioning Bhutan as a world leader in blockchain services. [3] In addition to their current hardware, HKEOS will use DataChu to scale infrastructure for additional EOS nodes. HKEOS is the only candidate block producer that can offer to host nodes in Bhutan. [4]

HK Eos logo that has been shared on their Steemit.

Their bock production servers will be in Hong Kong (testnet), Shenzhen (testnet), Shanghai (expansion), and Bhutan. [5]


Public Presence

Website URL: [6]

Twitter: [7]

Meetup: [8]

ID on Steemit

  • Steemit ID: @hkeos [9]
  • HK Eos [10]
  • Location of company headquarters: Hong Kong [11]
  • Expected location of servers: Hong Kong (testnet), Shenzhen (testnet), Shanghai (expansion), and Bhutan. [12]
  • Type of servers: Bare metal server for testing purposes. Intel Core i7
    • Intel i7-8700K Processor
    • Memory 32GB RAM (Upgradeable to 64GB RAM)
    • 2TB Hard Disk (Storage), 120GB SSD [13]
  • Current employee list and pictures of at least 67% of staff & Relevant background qualifications for at least 67% of staff
    • Sungjae Chung (Head of Technology)
    • Devin Perera (Community Leader)
    • Head of Investments (Joseph Nejman)
    • Hugo Campanella (Design & Technology) [14]

Tech Specs

Currently, HKEOS has set up a bare metal server for testing purposes. They are planning to set up another node in Shenzhen within a month. [15] Dan Larimer described the Intel Core i7 ideal for current testnet purposes. If the server does not perform successfully on the testnet, it will be upgraded to higher standards immediately. [16]

  • Intel i7-8700K Processor
  • Memory 32GB RAM (Upgradeable to 64GB RAM)
  • 2TB Hard Disk (Storage), 120GB SSD [17]

Their current server is connected to the Jungle3Testnet, the first instance of a Dawn 3 public testnet. They are planning to gain as much information as possible from our experience on community testnets to provide the ideal technological infrastructure for the launch of the main net in June. [18]

Logo of the HK EOS that has been shared on their Steemit.

Standby/Elected Block Producer At HKEOS, they believe that the 21 elected producers and 100 standby producers are equally responsible for providing top notch infrastructure to make sure that EOS.IO is stable. [19]

Therefore, they will maintain the highest standards in either case. By the time the main net launches, they will have two Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances running as full EOS nodes. Therefore, if the primary block producing node fails, the secondary block producing node will immediately act as a backup, minimizing any occurrence of downtime. [20]

  • Nodes 2x EC2
  • Virtual CPUs 128 Cores
  • Memory 2TB RAM
  • Storage 2x 1920GB SSD

Scaling Plan

HKEOS will scale hardware as needed. They have the financial resources and supply chain to do so. It’s fair to say that the EOS community is still in the process of figuring out what specifications may be required. By participating actively in the testnest they will know if they need to upgrade hardware before launch. Security Traffic screening and additional load balancing will be offered from one of the giant cloud operators, onward traffic will then be subject to boundary firewall and packet inspection services. [21]

They anticipate the need for detailed traffic plans for communications between the roles of the infrastructure such that Block Producers can freely communicate with other Block Producers. They will use the facilities of multiple peered ISPs to facilitate this solution. Further controls are also being explored for additional security screening as they scale. [22]

Youtube Video
EOSIO Hong Kong Meetup Livestream 6 April 2018.

Community Projects

HKEOS is actively helping and communicating with the community in the following telegram groups:

EOS.IO Hong Kong EOS BlockPros Jungle Testnet Trinity (EOS BPs Group 3) EOS.IO Community Testnet EOS BP Infrastructure EOS Acknowledgements [23]

Telegram + Testnet

Telegram: EOS_IO_Hong_Kong [25]


HKEOS is successfully running a node on the following Testnets:

  • Infrastructure - Co-organized by HKEOS, to be named “Ghostbusters Testnet” soon.
  • Jungle
  • Trinity

HKEOS, along with EOS Cafe Calgary, initiated the BP Infrastructure group on telegram and organised a call with other Block Producer Candidates to discuss mainnet infrastructure needs. [26]

The main goal of this group is to reach the EOS main network launch with a resilient and secure Block Producing setup. [27]

Block Producer Roadmap

Q1 2018

  • Build team - Done
  • Support Hong Kong community - Done
  • Start DApps sourcing for incubation - Currently receiving applications [28]

Q2 2018

  • Publish and share EOS Debug repository for developers - Done
  • Educational content for EOS community (To be posted in the next days)
  • Build sustainable infrastructure and discuss with other BPs - Done
  • Setup green Super Node Partnership in Bhutan (Read more in this post) - Done
  • Start own Testnet, write scripts, and instructions for participants - Done
  • Run DDoS testing and invest in DDoS mitigation - Done
  • Release in-house developed Block Explorer
  • Successfully support EOS Blockchain launch [29]

Q3 2018

  • Release in-house developped DApp
  • Start DApps Incubator
  • Grow team for Incubator and nodes
  • Continuously test and identify scaling need for Infrastructure
  • Continuously release educational content to promote DApps and EOS Platform
  • Communicate and promote incubated DApps [30]

Q4 2018

  • Release two in-house developped DApps
  • Scale Infrastructure with second datacenter
  • Open second Incubator Hub (USA)
  • Grow amount of incubated DApps
  • Issue 2018 report [31]

Position on Dividends

HKEOS is 100% self-funded by it's founders, if needed they might accept additional funding for our DApps incubator if the capital providers share our core values. [32]

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