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Hercules SEZC[1] is a blockchain software company located in the Cayman Islands that specializes in supply chain management Management. The company’s formation occurred in November 2017 by founders Anthem and Cynthia Blanchard.


After working diligently on the creation of their Gold backed Crypto asset Anthemgold, they realized that there was a need to track the provenance of the gold backing the token. This gave life to Hercules SEZC and the creation of the Hercules Platform.

In July 2018, Hercules completed its MVP. Subsequently, they launched their mainnet in October 2018.

In January 2019, Hercules acquired its second use case in Helmsley-Spear. The United States oldest continually operating Real-Estate Company Helmsley-Spear has incorporated Hercules in the Management of its properties and rent rolls. As development continues Hercules will look to branch out to a near limitless supply companies looking to utilize their blockchain software.

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