Hannah Hsieh

Hannah Hsieh (born on January 31st, 2001) is a philosophy and public policystudent at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) concentrating in legal and political ethics. She is particularly interested in legal advocacy and human rights. [2]


Hsieh studied Philosophy and Mathematics at California State University, Los Angeles from 2015-2017. She was involved in Honors College, CSULA Forensics Speech and Debate, and served as the Early Entrance Program Cohort President. [2] In 2017, Hsieh transferred to University of California, Los Angeles, where she studies philosophy and public policy with a concentration in legal and political ethics. She is expected to graduate in 2019. She is involved in the Asian Pacific Coalition (APC), Bruin Consent Coalition (BCC), Philosophy Club, Pre-Law Society, Resident Government Council (RGC), Undergraduate Students Association Council (USAC), and the College Honor's Program. [2]


Hannah Hsieh outside the Supreme Court of the United States [1]

Since September 2018, Hsieh has worked volunteered with the Justicorps division of AmeriCorps. In this role, she has provided complete and accurate information to 200+ self-represented litigants in family and housing law. She collaborates with staff attorneys to assist self-represented litigants in filling out court documents pertaining to divorce, paternity, civil harassment restraining order, and unlawful detainers. She co-led workshops to educate self-represented litigants on court procedure in family and housing law. Hsieh prepared, proofread, edited and translated complex legal documents for non-English speaking litigants. [2] Since June 2018, Hsieh has been the Local Relations Director for the External Vice President's Office of the UCLA Undergraduate Students Association Council (USAC). She previously served as a Legislative Advocate for the organization. Hsieh has lobbied in Sacramento on behalf of 238,000 UC students on various Senate and Assembly Bills, including Student Financial Aid (A.B. 3153) and Mental Health Services Act (S.B. 1004). She also organized Fund the UC, a week long campaign that seeks to reform California’s Proposition 13 to obtain new funding sources for the UC, avert a $324 tuition hike, and reduce student tuition by $60. [2] In the summer of 2018, Hsieh worked as a Judicial and Legal Education Intern at The Federal Judicial Center. In this role, she assisted staff attorneys in creating and administering continuing legal education programming for appellate, district, and federal judges across the nation through national conferences and workshops. She developed innovative strategies to consolidate forum threads for bankruptcy judges. She drafted two scripts for Court Web, a monthly broadcast that addresses issues of interest to judges. Hsieh outlined and edited the FJC’s Annual Ethics Report for the Group of States Against Corruption. She also corresponded with federal judges regarding last minute cancellations and other demands. [2] Hsieh worked as an Undergraduate Research Assistant at UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs from 2017-2018. Hsieh conducted research for The Roots of Engaged Citizenship Project, a study dedicated to understanding how youth become civically engaged and identifying the developmental roots of active participation. She administered 1,900+ online surveys to elementary, middle, and high school students for data collection. Hsieh assessed and analyzed data from surveys, using SPSS software. She also drafted a research paper regarding the effects of social media on civic engagement among youth. [2] In the summer of 2017, Hsieh worked as an Impact Litigation Intern for Asian Americans Advancing Justice. She assisted attorneys with discovery and damage calculations for employment and discrimination cases. Hsieh designed and conducted interviews regarding vulnerable Chinese/Taiwanese populations for outreach projects and news articles. She also translated, reviewed, and summarized relevant articles and documents from Mandarin to English. [2]

Hannah Hsieh with California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla [1]

In the summer of 2017, Hsieh was also a Student Intern and Pat Brown Institute Galbraith Fellow at the Office of California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla. She helped transform and relaunch the "Democracy at Work" Campaign, which works to promote voter participation among California businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. She conducted research and outreach to various high schools and colleges for voter registration events. She also introduced, developed, and implemented innovative strategies to increase statewide student engagement in the "Pre-Register at 16. Vote at 18." campaign, including a statewide distributed video. She composed speeches, talking points, briefings, and press releases for the Secretary on community concerns. [2] Hsieh worked as a Neighborhood Justice Program Intern for the Los Angeles City Attorney from 2016-2017. She facilitated and encouraged voluntary and confidential pre-filing diversion for adult (18+) offenders. Hsieh helped screen and organize data for potential NJP participants. She worked alongside Administrative Coordinators to aid participants in the paneling process. Hsieh conducted legal research regarding success and recidivism rates of NJP Participants. She also helped community panels that focus on offender rehabilitation while restoring victims of crime and reducing the number of misdemeanors in the criminal justice system. [2] In 2016, Hsieh worked as a Complex Litigation Student Intern for the Legal Aid Society of Orange County, California. She assisted paralegal and attorneys in the complex litigation department with trial preparation. She conducted and analyzed legal research for ongoing civil suits. She also compiled, indexed, and filed depositions, potential witness statements, and discoveries. Hsieh attended multiple hearings and trials for ongoing civil suits. [2] Hsieh worked as a Student Intern for The Pat Brown Institue for Public Affairs during the summer of 2016. She developed efficient ways to organize and maintain PBI’s social media and email databases of 15,500+ contacts and 150+ email lists. She assisted the Executive Director in identifying potential funding for civic engagement programs, youth leadership programs, research, and ongoing organization operations. She analyzed numerous polls, policies, and reports to help craft presentations for public briefings and conferences. Hsieh also helped plan and execute multiple political events including the Judicial Candidates Forum and the 2016 U.S. Senate Debate. [2]

Hannah Hsieh
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