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grilla information, grilla definition, grilla timeline, grilla location is revolutionizing how video is developed, produced, shot and edited for the world.

Michael Jacobs, a serial entrepreneur, came from technology and wanted to give the world an easy way to get a video produced through a process that is easy, fast and affordable.

Shane Walker came from the entertainment industry and wanted to give a generation of content creators a launching pad. Grilla’s mission is to enable creators to do what they love… shoot.

Video has become critical for achieving digital marketing objectives. Grilla makes it easy and affordable to always have access to professionally produced video content on demand. We are your partner and your team’s competitive advantage.

Michael and Shane are joined by film industry professionals that are dedicated to developing their craft. We look forward to serving you and your business by crafting the best marketing product that your business has ever had in its toolkit. And then creating new and amazing content again and again in order to meet the demands of modern digital marketing campaigns.[1]

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