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goFlow is a crowdsourced online platform created to help athletes share conditions for outdoor sports. The application seeks to improve the users'  outdoor experience by centralizing the user information about a given location.

Crowdsourced Sports

Boating, paddle boarding, surfing, snowboarding, kitesurfing, golfing, fishing, diving and cycling are the sports that are being networked as of August of 2016. Users submit reports about the environmental conditions, such as wind speeds, wave height, snow quality and concentration of sea life. As such, the application unifies geographical location with subjective, user-generated analyses. [6]

Application Specifications

Users create accounts with Facebook to maximize their account's social features; email may also be used. The users then submit reports and summaries about environmental conditions, allowing for other athletes to make informed decisions based on each other's experiences. Users do not need to share their reports with the public on goFlow- they may opt to share the conditions only with their friends. [1]

Potential Benefits

  1. Improved safety for athletes by warning of extreme conditions or dangerous animals
  2. Social network that encourages athleticism
  3. Optimization of time through the centralization of nature conditions
  4. Location-based reviews that may improve how a tourist travels
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