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Glenda M. Dowie is a financial technology entrepreneur based out of San Francisco, California. She is the Founder and CEO of APT Systems. [1] [3] [2]


Glenda’s entrepreneurial background started with her adventures in Hong Kong that led her to build a stock trading platform called TraderZone, focused on delivering proprietary buy indicators and algorithms. [1] [3]

With over 17 years of experience as a stock trader and charting technician, Glenda took her love of trading and the theory behind her technical indicators full circle to build APT Systems ; she then launched a small gaming subsidiary as part of its mobile strategy. [2] [1] [3]

APT’s equities trading platform, Intuitrader, became the brainchild of the operation that led to the inclusion of three additional platforms and a stable coin named Spera. The financial ecosystem is designed to give members more control over their trading strategy and outcomes and acts like a trading partner with support to minimize risk. [1]

Before becoming a successful business owner, Glenda worked in many roles that showed her business acumen and flair for design, including a mortgage broker, magazine editor, designer, and real estate agent. [4]

Glenda is also the author of “6 Simple Steps to Buying a Winning Stock,” and a writer for Investopedia, where she teaches stop-losses and other stock trading techniques for the avid trader. [4]

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