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Givit is an American content creation and Charity​ platform used to raise money through the innovative use of venture-philanthropic virtual currency. [1][2]​ The predominant use of the platform is video, which has garnered more than 36 million. [3]​ They have also reached over

Photo of a Firefighter taken from the California fires of 2017 shared by Givit. 

110 Million people. [4] The company aims to release Cryptocurrency​ called GivitCoin. [5]


The company was founded in 2012 by Napoleon Canizales. Givit's headquarters is located in Santa Monica, California​. [6]

Raising Funds

The platform allows for people to produce content often times through the use of video as a way to raise money for causes and other charities capable of mobilizing & transforming the world. [7][8]


Givit plans to release their Cryptocurrency​ called GivitCoin as a way to help initiatives and people to raise money for causes through the creation of content. One such initiative is taking place in Venezuela​, where cryptocurrency is expected to launch and replace the Bolívar[9]

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