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Gitcoin is a decentralized application, built on the Ethereum blockchain , where software developers can collaborate and monetize their skills.[3]


Gitcoin products include Bounties, Kudos, Grands, Codefund and Labs.[2] There is also the Gitcoin iOS app.[4]


In addition to its other programs, Gitcoin seeks to fund contributors to the open-source ecosystem through CodeFund. The platform allows users to distribute their message in front of a targeted audience of software developers who specialize in multiple programming languages. To maintain the trust of the developer community, CodeFund only displays ads that are relevant and meaningful to users and vows never to track, profile, or sell information.[3]


Another Gitcoin product, Kudos, allows users on both sides of the marketplace to show appreciation for a job well done. The unique badges, which can be bought and sold in the Kudos Marketplace, also showcase the talents and skill sets of individual Gitcoiners.[3]


Gitcoin’s newest product, Grants, allows open-source maintainers to generate steady cash flow to support their work through periodic contributions. Grants are powered by ERC-1337, a standardized interface for recurring subscriptions on the Blockchain. Unless the grant owner specifies a required token, contributors can pay with any ERC-20 standard token.[2] [3]


Gitcoin Labs' mission is to make Ethereum dapps fast, usable and secure.[2]

Gitcoin was created in 2017 by Kevin Owocki.[3]

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