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Giorgia Cardinaletti is an Italian sports Anchorwoman ​ working for RAI ​.

Standing out as a young, brilliant and competent Journalist ​, Cardinaletti is currently fascinating and inspiring the Italian audience, quickly becoming one of the most beloved figures of the Italian sports channels.

Early studies and Education

Giorgia Cardinaletti had attended Liceo classico ​ Francesco Stelluti di Fabriano (a particular type of Italian high school which is mainly focused on the study of ancient Latin ​ and Ancient Greek ​, Literature ​, Poetry ​ and Philosophy ​), near Ancona ​, and she later got her degree in Perugia ​ in 2009. [15]

Giorgia Cardinaletti then studied at the prestigious Scuola di giornalismo in Perugia ​, Italy ​. [4]

This robust academic background is what has given her very specific professional skills and a practical advantage in her field.


Giorgia's brilliant professional career started right after her academic path in Perugia ​. In fact she has been registered as a journalist in the so-called "albo dei professionisti" since 2012. In particular, she's specialised in TV journalism regarding motors.

Giorgia Cardinaletti and Alessandro Antinelli, the two TV presenters of La Domenica Sportiva

At the moment, Giorgia Cardinaletti is one of the two main presenters (along with Alessandro Antinelli) of the well-known Italian TV program "La Domenica Sportiva" (which is more usually shortened in "DS" ) that is broadcasted on the Italian TV channel Rai 2 ​ every Sunday around 11 pm.

This TV program is one of the most loved and followed in Italy (it was created in the early 1953), as it consists of interesting interviews with football players and coaches, details and curiosities on the most famous Football players ​, videos of the best goal kicks and highlights of the most important football games of the weekend.

Before Cardinaletti was selected as an anchor, she was preceded in " DS" by Giusy Versace, the famous Italian Paralympic athlete that used to co-present the program. [15]

Previously, before this important achievement, Giorgia Cardinaletti had worked as an Anchorwoman ​ at RaiNews24. [13] [18] [19] [20] [21]

In a second moment, she has been selected as the main anchor of the Italian TV program called " Pole Position" , dealing with Formula1 ​ races. This has been the best opportunity for Georgia Cardinaletti to show her talent and her professional skills, as motors and journalism are the fields in which she is stronger and very well-prepared. [17]

Lastly, she also had the opportunity to present " Bravi Ragazzi" with Gabriele Romagnoli in the sport occasion that was the 2016 Summer Olympics ​ (celebrated in Rio de Janeiro ​, Brazil ​, from 5 August to 21 August). [15]

Moreover, she has been defined as "well prepared" and "competent" by many different journalists, newspapers and online websites. [6]


Giorgia Cardinaletti is really young but has already truly influenced the Italian audience because of her personal charme and peculiar professionalism.

Compared to other female journalists in the fields of sports, she stands out as an example of a young, strong and resolute woman; she is the antithesis of the so-called "donna oggetto" (corresponding to the English Sex object ​) that is sometimes too widespread in Italy. [15]


Giorgia Cardinaletti has become the subject of some furious critiques and controversies as she has moved from the Formula1 ​ to La Domenica Sportiva, an Italian historically well-known TV program. Among other things, some critiques argue that this shift of subject that Cardinaletti has had to shoulder (from motors to football) is very dangerous for the big and important TV program of " DS" . [9]

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