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Satoshi Nakamoto coded the Genesis Block for the Bitcoin blockchain.

The original paper is timestamped [7] ​ Sat, 01 Nov 2008 16:16:33 -0700

Jamie Redman writes that, “The genesis block was the starting point for the bitcoin blockchain on its path to becoming a revolutionary network for peer-to-peer transfers of value[v].”

The first usage of the term ‘genesis block’ is still unknown as of this current investigation.

Articles about Genesis Block

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For those interested in why bitcoins in the genesis block can’t be spent, for example, much discussion has already taken place. “No one knows why the genesis block was created to be unspendable, as there is no explanation in the Satoshi source code version 0.1. Additionally, the genesis block was hard-coded, and nearly all altcoins derived from bitcoin have this initial unspendable block reward.” — Redman (2017)

As Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin states, “Ether will NOT be usable or transferable until the launch of the genesis block.” /

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