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Gemma Hudson is currently the General manager ​ and Director at WE Buchan in Sydney, Australia ​. [2]


Gemma received her Bachelor of Science ​ (BSc) in Pharmacology ​ from the University of Sheffield ​ in Sheffield, England ​. [13] ​ She started her professional career in science before pursuing a career in communications.


Gemma was initially interested in science, and worked with microscopic creatures and substances. She worked as a Pharmaceutical Conference Producer. [3] ​ However, she realized that this is not what she wanted to do the rest of her life. She stated in an interview that "[she] loved talking far too much to be limited to microscopes ​." [11] ​ This is when she began looking for a career in communications. She then went on to be an Associate Director at Edelman (firm) ​ for about two years. After that, she joined Haystac as Head of Haystac Health. [3] ​ In both of these positions, she was able to use her pharmaceutical and scientific skills from school and her previous jobs as well as her passion for communication. [11]

Gemma stayed at Haystac for four years before moving to Buchan Consulting. [10] ​ She started out as the Sydney General Manager ​ before getting promoted to National General Manager after only nine months. [14] ​ For years, they had worked alongside PR firm WE Communications, which is based out of Seattle.

In April of 2016, WE Communications acquired a stake in Buchan Consulting, and the two companies rebranded as WE Buchan. [16] ​ The founder of WE, Melissa Waggener-Zorkin, said, “this valued and proven partnership has provided benefits for clients and colleagues alike. The power of WE is in the collective, and by bringing WE Buchan closer into the fold, clients will quickly experience the transformative power of communications." [16] ​ WE Buchan remains the current name of the company, and Gemma Hudson still holds the title of General manager ​ and Director of the combined firms. WE Buchan aims to "develop strategies that cut through the clutter, combine traditional and digital strategies to bring campaigns to life through meaningful brand engagement and exposure." [2]

Personal Life

In her free time, Gemma likes to travel. [9] ​ She has backpacked through Australia ​, and even says that this is where she found people like her, who were social and passionate about communications. [11] ​ This trip is part of what helped her to decide to explore a communications related career.

Quotes and Advice

"I firmly believe that the best results happen when you have a strong collaborative partnership with your clients and a relationship based on trust. I love what I do, so it isn’t hard to go the extra mile and deliver stellar outcomes." [2]

"The difference between a good manager and an excellent one is someone who gives you tangible takeaways you can develop and sets you up for success by connecting you with people or development opportunities to bring that to life." [11]

"I am passionate about what I do and focus on delivering strong results and demonstrating return on investment to all my clients." [3]

"Never accept feedback that doesn’t help you grow. Ask specifically for what you need to do to get to the next stage. The measure of a person is how you take that feedback, use it to grow and develop. I don’t particularly like constructive feedback to be honest (who does) but unless your colleagues are honest with you – you can’t improve." [11]

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