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Gary Bassett is a financial professional living in Waxahachie, Texas. While Bassett is often busy with his financial career and various community organizations, he is a part of, he also enjoys playing sports, staying in shape, and traveling in his spare time.

Bassett served as the President of MicroBank Software for eight years, a company he successfully sold to Citicorp. When it was sold, MicroBank had 1500 employees, and 1800 bank clients. After the acquisition of his company, Bassett traveled for 18 months around various countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe. He visited Hong Kong, France, Italy, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. In the future, Bassett hopes to visit Switzerland again, along with Portugal and New Zealand. In addition, Bassett hopes his retirement plan includes spending six months in Europe and six months in the United States.

Bassett is also an avid sports fan and player. He especially enjoys playing golf on local courses around Waxahachie. He also enjoys playing basketball, baseball, and football. Bassett also likes to watch and support college football teams. His favorite teams include his alma mater, Southern Methodist University, Stanford, and Michigan.

Bassett also values philanthropic commitments throughout Waxahachie and the surrounding areas. He serves as the Director for the Red River Valley Council, providing over $4 million in donations to people with disabilities.[1]

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