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Free Space is an EOS block producer ​ candidate. [1] ​ The company believes they are everything that the EOS community seeks. Free Space is entering the Blockchain ​ market from other IT fields. [2]

Image of Free Space that has been shared on their social media.

Their block production servers will be at the Switch tier 5 data center in Reno, Nevada [3]

To provide the utmost reliability at the lowest cost, Free Space plans to run a  fully redundant node for under $500,000 a year and still be profitable, while many others claim they will need 2 million. [4]


Public Presence

Website: [5]

ID on Steemit

  • Steemit ID: pythagoras345 [6]
  • Official block producer candidate name [7]
  • Location of company headquarters: Reno, Nevada [8]
  • Expected location of servers: Reno, Nevada [9]
  • Type of servers: bare metal, 12 core @ 3.33, 64 MB RAM [10]
  • Current employee list and pictures of at least 67% of staff & Relevant background qualifications for at least 67% of staff:

Tech Specs

Current investment has already been made in a 12 core server with Colo hosting at Switch Reno. [12]

Scaling Plan

They will reinvest for growth. We expect to build a 4-server cluster with 30 days of mainet launch. Total first year investment of $50-$100 thousand. Final design will only be completed after many hours of testing and sharing with other producers within testnets or social media groups. [13]

Community Projects

Their community contribution will be regarding performance and optimization. Poorly operated and designed producers will be a waste of money, which affects equity values of all coin holders. [14] ​ As coin holders, it is not enough for Free Space to run as an efficient producer. To protect our investment, we need ALL producers much run optimally. So, we will participate in and share data from test nets and community events. [15]

Telegram + Testnet

Telegram: Dean Zaremba [16]

Testnet node: elephantreno on JungleTestnet [17]

Block Producer Roadmap

They have been a successful mid-size IT business for 25 years. Their first 5 clients, are still clients today. They don’t believe in short-cuts. Doing it right, standing on principle, and giving back to the community have been their guiding principles since inception. They are willing to provide full financial transparency on our efforts. [18]

Position on Dividends

Officially, they are OK with a model that supports dividends back to token holders. But they see this as a zero-sum game. The more kickbacks are given, in the end, the less the token value increases. Ideally, if there is gravy in producer profits, rather than kick-backs, they would just vote on less producer rewards. [19]

Why give producer 5%, to kick back 2% to coin holders, only to have coin value not increase by 2%. Logic would say, just give the producers 3% (with no kickbacks). This model would eliminate voting based on ulterior motives and will keep voting based on the producers that deliver the best performance at the best price. [20]

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