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Fred Krueger is an American serial entrepreneur known for his diversified background in Ad tech, Social Networks and Top Level Domains prior. [2] [1] He has had 9 exits, all over 10MM, and has created over $500m in value. [3]

He is currently the founder and Chief executive officer Workcoin, a free, blockchain based, search engine oriented marketplace for hiring freelance services utilizing simple yet groundbreaking principle to host its services with zero fees, zero hassle and 100% credibility. [4]


Born in the Air force near Rome, New York , as a young boy, Fred was raised in the country of France, as his father was a banker. [5] He currently lives in Los Angeles, California, a place where he also works. [6] [7]


After completing his secondary, Krueger attended Cornell University where he received his Bachelor's degree in Mathematics. [8]

In the late 1980s, he received his PHD in Operations research and Statistics . He wrote his thesis which is called, "d-arrangements and random polyhedra". [9]


Some time after college and completing his PHD, he founded Fauve Software with his brother Richard. [10] He invented the concept of "objects" or "layers" in a photo editing tool. Sold the company to Macromedia in 1995 for a decent amount of money. There was no venture capital. [11]


Fred has been the leader of several startups that have also gone on to have successful exits. [12] [13]


  • Random Noise
  • Traffic Marketplace
  • iWin, Inc.
  • TagWorld
  • Adconion Media Group
  • Gradient X
  • Minds and Machines
  • Troop [14]


Workcoin (WRK)

Fred is the CEO and founder of Workcoin, which provides a means for resolution of disputes by incorporating escrow and arbitration into the framework. [15]

Personal Life

Fred Krueger owns a mansion in France. [13]

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