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Francis Lucille is a French ​ spiritual teacher of the tradition of Advaita Vedanta (non-duality). He is based in Temecula, CA ​. [0]


Lucille studied Mathematics ​ and Physics ​ at École Polytechnique ​ and managed missile tests for the French armed forces. [8] ​ After discovering the writings of J. Krishnamurti ​, he gave up his defense activities in order to pursue a spiritual conquest and would become a guru. [8]

Francis’ teachings are traditional and have been passed down from generation to generation by a lineage of sages. He met Guru Jean Klein in 1975 who taught in the tradition of Advaita Vedanta ​ ( non-duality ​). [10] ​ Francis' relationship with his as a friend and spiritual apprentice lasted until Klein's death in 1998. Klein's own guru, "Panditji" Rao, whom he met in India in the 1950s, was a college professor in Bangalore, India ​ who taught Sanskrit ​ and belonged to a lineage of traditional Advaita Vedanta teachers. [0]

Francis’ teachings reflect those of his guru: appreciation for humor, art, music, and poetry, intellectual rigor with a personal twist from to his education in Mathematics and Physics. [10] ​ He transmits the ancient teaching of nonduality and threads the common ground that Advaita Vedanta ​, Ch'an Buddhism ​, Zen ​, Taoism ​ and Sufism ​ all share. [8] ​ Many contemporary spiritual teachers have attended his teaching events. [8] ​ Francis' list of friends included Robert Linssen ​, Wolter Keers, Yvan Amar, Douglas Harding ​, William Samuel and Robert Adams. His other influences were J. Krishnamurti ​, Krishna Menon ​ and Wei Wu Wei ​ whom he knew personally. [8]

As of September 2017, Francis holds retreats, on-demand webcasts, and weekend dialogues in his current headquarters in Temecula, California ​. [10]

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