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Anne Rebecca Cohen is an American writer, entrepreneur, licensed Pharmacy technician, lifestyle and relationship blogger, and mother of two kids. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, moved around a lot and has lived in many cities in the United States - Country , but resides in Los Angeles, California . [✔]


Anne is passionate about good music, writing, art, Chess, Ice skating, Singing, and learning about different cultures and languages. She takes pride in living a predominantly healthy lifestyle. She has two blogs that she posts on regularly Anne Cohen and Anne Cohen Writes . On her blogs, she writes a column about love & relationships, self help, quote of the day, poetry, SEO, blog life, and much more. [✔]

Anne writes for The Huffington Post ( Anne Cohen on The Huffington Post [204] ) , Elite Daily ( Anne Cohen on Elite Daily [213] ), Vixen Daily , and BuzzFeed ( Anne Cohen on BuzzFeed [214] ). She's been featured multiple times on Los Angeles Scene, and has been a contributor writer for many other sites as well. Anne is also a web designer, SEO Specialist, and a social media marketer. [✔]

Anne Cohen has Persian roots from her great grandfather on her father's side. She also has some Russian and Hungarian roots from her mother's side. However, she and her two siblings were all born in Chicago, Illinois, just as both of her parents were. Yet, she taught herself Farsi at the age of 19 after meeting a Jewish Persian man that a year or so later would become her husband. She learned to speak fluent Farsi, as well as read and write it. [✔]

After Anne Cohen was divorced from her then husband, she began hosting a couple of TV shows on Persian satellite television in Farsi that were shown all around the world. One of them was called " Top Ten Music Videos with Anni ." Top Ten was on Channel IPN . The other television show that Anne hosted was called " Song Requests with Anni" in Farsi which was shown on Channel ITN . Both of the television shows were in Farsi and both live as well. [✔]


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