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Robert B Roots [14] (born November 20, 1990), known professionally as Flow187 [9], is an Cuban - Guyanese - American Rapper, songwriter, Motivational speaker, teen author, celebrity Photographer and record producer. Born in Queens, New York and raised in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Residing in Los Angeles, California, Roots first became involved in music at the age of 12 years old. After moving to Atlanta, Robert Roots established an in house recording studio to record local talent in Atlanta, Georgia. He gained recognition for his " Lamborghini Dreams" mixtape which he started in 2013. After the success of that release, he gained more mainstream attention with the release of his first studio album, " The WAVE " [13] on May 4 2018 . Flow187 is known for his mass streams on soundcloud & hosting Hollywood events with musical artist like Desiigner, Tyga, 50 cent, Future, P.Diddy, Ty Dolla Sign, and Coke boy's French Montana and more.

Early life

Robert Roots known worldwide by his stage name Flow187 [11] spent much of his early childhood writing songs, making beats and singing in his local Atlanta, Ga choir. At age 15, Robert Roots was expelled from school and charged with a felony for having a pocket knife in his jacket while on school property. Sealed court records show that the case against him was thrown out due to police misconduct and an illegal search and seizure. After graduating from a different high school, Robert began writing a journal to share with other youth about personal accountability, overcoming obstacles and how to deal with peer pressure. This journal was eventually published and titled "Falling isn't Failing."


His early career was heavily influenced by southern and west coast rap with auto-tuned harmonic, 808 bass and melodic trap instrumentals.This early work is fragmented with a handful of recordings on DatPiff, YouTube & SoundCloud. Flow 187, has released many numerous tracks on SoundCloud, YouTube, Myspace, Hotnewhiphop, coast to coast mixtapes and more between 2011 to 2018. At 19 years old, Robert Roots wrote a motivational book titled " Falling Isn't Failing The 5 Keys to Overcoming A Fall & Achieve Success for Youth & Young Adults!" [14]

In 2016, Robert Roots started working with OG HoodRich, HoodRich Entertainment as a videographer & musical artist. Striving to make his presence & music known worldwide, Flow187 dropped most of his songs onto Soundcloud, Instagram, where he currently has over 100K followers. In addition, he is also visible on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube - which has over 2,000,000 views on his channels.

Flow 187 has a generous number of streams on spotify, shazam, apple music and tidal.

Personal life

Robert Roots wrote his first book, Falling Isn’t Failing [11] , to empower youth and young adults. Robert Roots is widely considered one of the more dynamic speakers emerging from his generation today [15].

Autobiographically written, Falling Isn’t Failing , details his challenges in school, altercations with gangs, getting left back in school, going to jail and experiencing the divorce of his parents.


Studio Albums

  • The Wave (2018)


  • Lamborghini Dreams (2013)
  • Pot Culture (2014)
  • Flow187 Soundcloud
  • Flow187 Instagram
  • Flow187 Twitter
  • Flow 187 Facebook
  • Flow 187 Shazam
  • Flow 187 Website
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