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Fatayi Jomoh is an American ​ 11 year-old student from Jacksonville ​ known for being arrested for dribbling a basketball after a game. [1] ​ Jomoh is considered a brilliant player in the game of Basketball ​. [2] [3]

Image of Fatayi Jomoh from an interview with the press.

Personal Life and Activities

Jomoh is a native of Jacksonville, Florida ​, a place where he lives with his parents. [4]

His mother's name is Bunmi Borisade. [5] ​ Jomoh is currently in school in the Jacksonville area and is considered a talented basketball player for his age. He has earned several accolades for his efforts as a young player. [6]

In The Media

The school where Fatayi Jomoh attends.


On August 4th, 2018, moments after Jomoh finished playing a game of basketball with his team at a tournament that took place at JaxPAL, a gym that belongs to the police, he was arrested by an officer who was trying to teach him a lesson. [7] ​ JaxPAL is the city's Police Athletic League. The youth league that Jomoh plays for is also sponsored by JaxPAL. [8]

The officer arrested Jomoh after he asked him multiple times to stop dribbling the basketball. Jomoh refused to listen so the police officer decided to teach him a lesson. [9] ​ Jomoh's mother, Bunmi, was in another part of the gym when the arrest took place, and it was only moments after that she found what happened. [10]

The incident is being reviewed. [11]

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