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eXeBlock Technology Corporation (CSE:XBLK)

eXeBlock is a Canadian blockchain technology company, registered in Vancouver ​, British Columbia in 2015 and currently based in Halifax ​and nearby Debert, Nova Scotia ​. eXeBlock is focused on developing custom blockchain ​ decentralised and distributed software ​ applications (dApps), particularly in the gaming and telecommunications sectors.

The Company went public in November 16, 2017 [11] ​ and agreed in December 2017 with the Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association (PBSA) to develop four decentralized applications over the next two years. eXeBlock released is first dApp, known as 50/50 on TestNet for User feedback. It's commercial release is expected imminently. A second dApp named Freedom Ledger has also been announced as nearing completion of testing phase as well as a sidechain project [8] ​.

eXeBlock was founded by Jonathan Baha'i after he created the world's first eSports ​ tournament and wagering platform built on blockchain named PeerPlays [4] ​ (PPY).

Of its 2018 plans, a company paid investor education campaign notes: "On March 1, the Company also confirmed that it was pursuing an aggressive personnel plan targeted at building a critical mass of blockchain talent.  The development team located in Debert, Nova Scotia was continuing to expand and the company had signed a contract with an international firm that has fifteen developers working on eXeBlock’s blockchain DApps [12] ​."

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Stock Pages

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