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In Latin America we find several operators and important Exchange ​ in the following list we will find the options that there are in the region:


  • ArgenBTC
  • Ripio
  • Unisend
  • Bitex


  • BitInka



  • Bitex
  • ChileBIT
  • ChileBitcoin
  • CryptoMKT (Ethereum)
  • Buda
  • Yaykuy


  • BitSO [3] ​ (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple)
  • CoinRex
  • Volabit
  • Panamá
  • PtyBitcoin


  • BitcoinPY
  • GuaraníBitcoin


República Dominicana

  • BitcoinRD
  • Venezuela
  • BitInka
  • Colibit (Bitcoin y Dash)
  • CryptoBuyer (Bitcoin y Dash)
  • Buda [2]

Latino American

  • thexchanger [1] ( What we highlight about this exchange is that I integrate all the cryptocurrencies of Latin America )
  • Cryptonit

There is a lot of restriction in the use of Cryptocurrency in Latino American ​ but projects are being born in each country achieving the adoption.

information provided by latamcoincap: [4]

  • Mana (Mana)
  • MktCoin (MLM)
  • Chipscoin (Chips Coin)
  • InkaCoin (NKA)
  • LKRCoin (LKR)
  • Luka (LUK)
  • Chaucha (CHA)
  • Onix(ONX)
  • MartexCoin (MXT)
  • Niobio Cash (NBR)
  • Criptoreal(CRS)
  • Primus(PRIM)
  • ZCore(ZCR)
  • Bolivarcoin(BOLI)
  • Scolcoin (SCOL)
  • Sucrecoin(XSR)
  • Bzlcoin(BZL)
  • ArepaCoin(AREPA)
  • Mercoin(MRN)
  • PepeGold(PEPS)
  • WolfCloverCoin(WCC)
  • Bitcoiners(BNS)
  • BloodDonationCoin(BBRC)
  • Amero(AMX)
  • Solarium(XLRC)

Latino American ​ is growing and the Blockchain ​.

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