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BadComedian (real name Evgeny Vladimorovich Bazhenov Russian: Евге́ний Влади́мирович Баже́нов​, [1] IPA: [jɪvɡʲˈenʲɪj vɫɐˈdʲimʲɪrəvʲɪtɕ baʐɛnˈof], also known as Evgen BadComedian Russian: Евге́н BadComedian, [2] ​ IPA: [jɪvɡʲˈen]; born 24 May 1991) is a Russian ​ YouTube personality and film critic. [3] ​ BadComedian is the nickname of Evgeny Bazhenov as well as the name of his YouTube channel.

BadComedian makes critical reviews of Russia ​ (and occasionally, American, Indian ​ and Ukrainian) movies. [3] His first review was uploaded on March 24, 2011. Sometimes he uploads positive reviews on a separate channel called EvgenComedian. [4] ​ He used to collaborate with CarambaTV.ru. Evgeny often criticizes comedy films ​ directed by Zhora Kryzhovnikov and released by Enjoy Movies ​ company and action films ​created by Alexander Nevsky. In 2015-2017 BadTrip web series ​ was released, in which Evgeny Bazhenov travels around different places in the United States ​ related to famous films and TV series. [5] ​ His works are inspired by Nostalgia Critic ​ and The Spoony Experiment ​ reviews. [6] ​ The nickname "BadComedian" is derived from the name of Comedian, a character from the Watchmen ​ comic book and film, while "Bad" implies that Bazhenov himself thinks of his reviews as sarcastic rather than humorious. [7]

Eurosport ​ and Elle called BadComedian the main film critic of the Russian YouTube. [2] [8]


Evgeny Bazhenov was born 24 May 1991 in Sterlitamak ​, Republic of Bashkortostan ​. At the age of 12 he moved to Dedovsk ​ with his parents. Currently he lives in Nakhabino, an urban-type settlement ​ in Moscow Oblast ​. [7] [9]

In 2013 Evgeny graduated Russian State University of Trade and Economics, the faculty of commerce and marketing. The theme of his graduation thesis was " Viral videos ​".

In 2013—2014 and 2017 Bazhenov gave a stand-up performance tour. At the same time he hosted a show about stand-up ProStandUp , which was published at CarambaTV website. BadComedian appeared in cameo roles in the 2016 film Friday and 2015 film Hardcore Henry ​. He was one of the voice actors for the Russian dub of Wish I Was Here ​, Tusk (2014) ​, and Sausage Party (2016) ​. Thanks to Bazhenov Wish I Was Here was released in the Russian film distribution service. In gratitude for helping with the release of Wish I Was Here , the film's director Zach Braff ​ offered Bazhenov the voice role of the film's protagonist in the Russian dub. [10] ​ In 2014, Bazhenov hosted a TV show "Heroes of the Internet" on Russian Peretz TV channel ​ along with Maxim Golopolosov and Ivan Makarevich. He used to work for a year as an editor for Vesti news program on Russia-24 ​ TV channel. [6] [11]

Bazhenov confessed that his favourite movie directors are Yuri Bykov, Viktor Shamirov, Roman Karimov and Evgeny Shelyakin. [12] [13]


Reviews reception

Bazhenov stated that he has received legal threats by the actor Mikhail Galustyan's connections as well as from the director Maxim Voronkov and the actor and bodybuilder Alexander Nevsky after publshing reviews of their respective films. [2] Alexander Nevsky called Bazhenov "a hater", while Mikhail Galustyan stated that he "offends persons, violates copyright and expresses unconstructive criticism". [14] ​ There are examples of the well-known films: rapper Basta praised the review of his film called Gasgolder, [15] ​ while singer Alexey Vorobyov ​ liked the review of his film Treasures O.K. [16] Director Yuri Bykov stated that BadComedian's positive review of his movie The Fool had increased its popularity, and expressed graditude to the YouTuber. [17] ​ Famous Russian translator, film critic and publicist Dmitry "Goblin" Puchkov ​ commented on Bazhenov's reviews, calling him "merry and smart" and noting his "surprisingly deep view of life". [18] ​ Film critic Alexei Exler marked the growth of BadComedian's creativity and praised his moderate use of obscene language. [19]

Company of Heroes 2 controversy

In 2013, Bazhenov uploaded a review of the game Company of Heroes 2 ​, where he called it "a game created by Nazis ​" , because, as Bazhenov says, the game developers disgraced the history of World War II ​, showing the USSR in a negative view, while Nazis, in contrast, were shown in much more sympathetic way. The review caused sales of the game in Russia to stop. [20] ​ The English-language version of his review caused many arguments in the Western gaming community. [21] ​ The incident was highlighted on Polygon, [22] GameSpot ​, [23] VideoGamer [24] ​​ and Gamesreviews. [25]

Hack Bloggers

In 2017 Bazhenov published a devastating review of the movie Hack Bloggers, in which BadComedian heavily criticized the work of Gosfilmofond, a state-controlled foundation which has the declared goal of supporting the Russian cinema. BadComedian stated that Hack Bloggers was extremely poorly made and called Gosfilmofond money spending useless. [26] ​ This controversy had an impact in the Russian press. Russian Ministry of Culture, Vladimir Medinsky ​, called the film "a creative failure", [27] [28] ​ while Gosfilmofond executives announced an investigation about spending of budget money. [29] Bazelevs Company ​, the studio that created Hack Bloggers, called BadComedian "an ill-wisher of Russian cinema". [30]


Live action

Voice acting and dubbing

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