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this page is started on discussions in korean everipedia editor forum in telegram. [1]

You can propose with this page.

1. Govenance Module

Main page

- The main page should be organized like a portal site at a glance. Main page have to show the latest sections as well as searching for articles of interest.

- The first screen can be customized for each account. So that the account owner can choose to view up-to-date changes in a specific category or account.

- By performing as a fact checker through voting, it can become a credible media. In the short term, coin-related news on the community site can be popular. Especially, if you use the news that needs to be updated daily, we can expect the increase of IQ token stake and new influx.

- For publicity, if we refer to the examples of the Enka Wiki (Korea's Maniac wiki, currently Korea's largest wiki), ep should be famous for certain maniac areas such as coin-related information.

- For example, when someone search for "movie", there should be trendy content in movies at the same time.


- "If you want to build a ship, do not drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. "- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. We have to deliver Ep's position and vision in the Internet ecosystem.

- No matter how good the technology is, it is useless if the public does not know it.

Long-Term strategy

- The basic strategy of the management team is that - Existing Wiki Positions + Celebrities that are not on the wiki are actively updated> Facebookezed

- The basic concept of the encyclopedia is not hot or trendy, so it needs a mid- to long-term systematic approach.

-Everipedia should be popularized for the future generation and focus on that generation.

- If you want to contribute purely, or if you cannot find the document of your interest, you will participate actively.

Entry barriers

- The barrier to entry is high. And if rewards are only distributed inside the barriers, it is only to be their own league. We should reflect not only the current system in which reward is given only by voting, but how many people actually use the information (such as hits).

Lower entry barriers

- Issuing coupons, so someone can use the coupon if he want to edit in everipedia.

- Sign up easily, and give him a little bit of brain power so he can write and vote.

- Distribute invitations(including iq or bp) to users, allowing users to give invitation to new users.

- discussion at the bottom of each article should be available without account

- Give writing permission to non-logged-in user, and reward only for logged-in user

- Users who do not stake iq will be given mileage if they write or vote, and reward will be given when they stake iq in the future.

- Easily sign up like other site without having to go through the process of creating an eos account, make sure you can cash in and out and buy and sell iq / brainpower (otc)

- The entry barrier for everipedia is the problem that all dapps based on blockchain should solve. There should be a lot of intermediate businesses connecting users and blockchain.

-There should be something like steemconnect with multi sig

- If the blockchain approach of everipedia is not good enough, think about throwing it away.

2. Article Module

- Make a specialist group to satisfy the public.

-Problems with korean search engine. In the case of article "암호화폐:분류", if you search for "암호화폐", "암호화폐:분류" will be searched. But, if you search for "분류", "암호화폐:분류" will not be searched.

- Recent changes in each language should be seen so that active voting can be done.

- Images search needs

- Make sure that the professional writers are able to get substantial compensation.

- Just as you can search and see Wikipedia content on Google, everipedia should be able to do that too.

- In Wikipedia, they use "category:" to see the subordinate articles. This enables search performance to be improved with a top-down ontology in the future.

- In the case of Wikipedia, for large topics, they use "portal: history" to introduce news and interesting articles about the topic. In everipedia this could be a community in the future.

-  there is nothing to attract general users.

- Currently There is ep's forum in reddit. We have to create a forum within everipedia.

3. Token module

- not enough reward. Steam and steam dollar is better. For users who are familiar with steam, everipedia is less rewarding.



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