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Aiming to reach 10,000 new articles and article stubs long term from general independent article contribution. I encourage all editors to contribute towards this as I think seeing 10,000 article creations on one list would be something monumental in Everipedia ​'s history and something really worth working towards long term. It would be almost 1/500 of the entire encyclopedia and make a massive difference towards overall article count and quality. Anybody can create any article to add to this list independently whenever they feel like it, and I will try to commit to running a series of contests/editathons to make reaching the target more realistic. New articles with 1000 characters of readable prose are preferred but are all welcome, including stubs. Overall the main aim with this is to create a large amout of unique content.

Think of this as a seed project, from which larger challenges as components of the wider picture can develop. I hope that this will attract a broad contributor base, and people will see the value in working towards such a goal long term and that it is a worthy cause. So in turn I hope it gives editors more encouragement, motivation ​ and self-esteem for their work and seeing it count towards a larger goal. If I can get the funding I would also invent some new challenges and tasks to make editing more enjoyable and edgy. So let's see what we can achieve in the spirit of collaboration. With enough contributors this could really work.

50 IQ October Giveaway

50 IQ bonus per article will be sent to contributors who add articles to this list until the end of October.


Plese add your name below when you have an article to add to the challenge.

Recommended articles

Google ​ for "requested articles wikipedia ​" or Dr. Blofeld's "10,000 wikipedia challenge " for lists of requested and suggested articles. [2]

Article achievements 1-1000

Please add articles and your name to the list of achievements below:

1. Lechiguanas islandsNew article by Paul Bedson
2. HamakariStub by Paul Bedson
3. Stevens, SeattleStub by Paul Bedson
4. Mann, SeattleStub by Paul Bedson
5. Minor, SeattleStub by Paul Bedson
6. Junction, SeattleStub by Paul Bedson
7. Professor Johnson AdjanStub by Paul Bedson, inspired and in collaboration with Davidson Umude
8. Peter WuStub by Paul Bedson
9. Nature is much better with lightsabersStub by Paul Bedson
10. HyperPayStub by Paul Bedson
11. More in OneStub by Paul Bedson
12. EOSBetNew article by Paul Bedson
13. IkarusNew article by Paul Bedson
14. Everipedia (Türkçe)New article by Paul Bedson
15. LanguageWireNew article by Paul Bedson
16. Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus!Stub by Paul Bedson
17. ايفيبيديا New article by Paul Bedson
18. Everipedia (Dansk)New article by Paul Bedson
19. Everipedia (Ελληνικά)New article by Paul Bedson
20. ЭврипедияNew article by Paul Bedson
21. Everipedia (Svenska)New article by Paul Bedson
22. Everipedia (Suomi)New article by Paul Bedson
23. Everipedia (Norsk)New article by Paul Bedson
24. Sverker JohanssonStub by Paul Bedson
25. Weak handsStub by Paul Bedson
26. Everipedia (Italiano)New article by Paul Bedson
27. Everipedya (Cebuano)New article by Paul Bedson
28. Everipedia 中文New article by Paul Bedson
29. Everipedia (Polski)New article by Paul Bedson
30. BalladooleNew article by Paul Bedson
31. Shubayqa 1New article by Paul Bedson
32. Underground lake, MarsStub by Paul Bedson
33. SIMP J01365663+0933473Stub by Paul Bedson
34. Tabetha WallaceNew article by Paul Bedson
35. Edward RobinsonStub by Paul Bedson
36. Aaz el AarabStub by Paul Bedson
37. Ain AarabStub by Paul Bedson
38. BakkifaStub by Paul Bedson
39. Bayader el AadasStub by Paul Bedson
40. El FaqaaStub by Paul Bedson
41. HalouaStub by Paul Bedson
42. Haouch El QinnabehStub by Paul Bedson
43. Haret el KaouasbeStub by Paul Bedson
44. Jebb FarahStub by Paul Bedson
45. Kfar MechkiStub by Paul Bedson
46. Luuk SoonsStub by Paul Bedson
47. Crypto tokenArticle by Paul Bedson
48. Bron (Fisher King)Article by Paul Bedson
49. NewdexStub by Paul Bedson
50. ModulTradeArticle by Paul Bedson
51. CounosStub by Paul Bedson
52. Monkey PilotArticle by Paul Bedson
53. Motor Parts DirectArticle by Paul Bedson
54. Motor FactorStub by Paul Bedson
55. Hōjicha Co.Article by Paul Bedson
56. TwitterstormArticle by Paul Bedson
57. BringBackGallowayStub by Paul Bedson
58. Russian botStub by Paul Bedson
59. KKEXStub by Paul Bedson
60. H4-R HeadlampStub by Paul Bedson
61. P190 FlashlightStub by Paul Bedson
62. Olasunkanmi ArowoloStub by Arthur Kerensa
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