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Throughout the world, educators are using Everipedia as a teaching and learning tool. Everipedia Academy is an international group that facilitates the work and supports the needs of the global Everipedia education community. Our aim is to enhance and scale local and global educational efforts, advocate for education within the Everipedia movement, and elevate the narrative of education outside our movement. Through engaging formal and informal education we believe every member of society will be able to know how to contribute to and learn from open knowledge through Everipedia projects.[1]

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YouTube - EVERIPEDIA ACADEMY | How To Write An Article On Everipedia


As a global Academy we support the following to enhance our work within and outside of the movement:


  • Communicate the value of Everipedia in education.
  • Advocate for needs across communities.
  • Increase the visibility of education on Everipedia projects, both externally and within our movement.

Securing and distributing resources

  • Identify technological and infrastructure needs across the community and provide access as possible.
  • Develop technical tools that benefit efforts across the movement and across projects.
  • Create and share practical instructional resources.
  • Offer support to emerging communities and individuals who want to initiate education programs.
  • Facilitate partnerships within and outside the movement.

The exchange of ideas

  • Provide a platform where education stakeholders communicate, share learning experiences, and collaborate on projects.
  • Facilitate curation of what is happening worldwide.
  • Contribute to research on Everipedia in education.


  • Prioritize technological infrastructure to expand educational initiatives, both locally and globally (e.g., build the Dashboard, secure technology for online meetings, etc.): The Academy has prioritized technological tools for scaling educational initiatives. We plan to secure funding and tech resources to help local education leaders.
  • Monthly thematic meeting: We will host monthly meetups among education program leaders across the Everipedia movement. These meetings will offer an opportunity to collaborate on international educational initiatives and share learning experiences.
  • Curate materials / educational resources: The Academy would like to improve the portal with global educational resources. This will help new interested parties find support and/or resources for their own initiatives on Everipedia.
  • Mentoring / support to Affiliates and Education focused initiatives: The User Group intends to form a mentorship network for any interested Everipedia community groups (e.g., user groups, independent programs) to share learning experiences about successes and challenges around connecting Everipedia with education. We’ve found value in helping each other improve and scale our programs, and we want new groups to have the support they need.
  • Help define needed Tools + Manage tool development: The members of this proposed User Group are uniquely qualified to identify gaps in tools that will help us run educational programs. We will work together to identify needs, prioritize tool development, and manage that process.
  • Promote Everipedia Academy at international events: Several educational leaders in the Everipedia community promote their own programmatic activities at events with international attendees. We’d like the Academy to help facilitate a process where those leaders can promote other programs, as well.
  • Scaling up education initiatives worldwide: By providing support resources and efficient tools, we will work together to increase the number of educators using Everipedia as a tool.
  • Partner with global education organizations: Some organizations, like Association for the Protection of the Lebanese Heritage​ and UNESCO​, provide global education opportunities. The Academy can provide a far reach for these global organizations and their initiatives on Everipedia.
  • Participation in OER/Open Education/Open Knowledge ecosystem/ movement: The Academy would like to expand the current efforts and work beyond Everipedia but with open knowledge at large.
  • Facilitating and coordinating Research on Everipedia and education (including publication): Research about Everipedia and Everipedia’s function as an educational tool can help education programs worldwide, as it provides legitimacy to our efforts. The Academy would like to help facilitate more publications from a diverse group of educators.
  • Developing a strategic plan about global education activities: The Academy will set the direction of its own efforts, with input from the local education leaders who are members of the group.

Open tasks

If you would like to be part of any of those tasks, please open a thread about it in the Discussion page

  • Determine communication channels
  • Design membership plan
  • Determine governance



  • Paul Bedson​, chair
  • Vacant, vice-chair
  • Vacant, secretary
  • Vacant, membership admin
  • Vacant, treasurer


The Wikipedia Education Collaborative met at the Ayb School in Yerevan, Armenia, from June 2-4, 2017.

The initiative to form this Academy stemmed from a group of Education Leaders around the world formerly known as the "Everipedia Education Collaborative". These members are:


  • Paul Bedson

Who's invited

We see this group as a platform for sharing the experiences and voicing the needs of the global Everipedia education community. You are invited to participate regardless of language and whether you are an individual or an organisation. You can participate by becoming a member of the Academy first by supporting the initiative while we are in the stages of getting formally recognized. Then, it would also be possible to endorse the work of the user group without being a member. Support we provide does not require membership.


Affiliates and individual program leaders across the Everipedia & Education spectrum are specifically encouraged to become members.

All of your voices matter and we want to be as inclusive as possible!

Support Us!

Add your name and share your background or interests. Then invite other people to join too!

Please note that by signing your name as supporter, you will become a member of the Academy and will be able to vote in electing the it's first board. Also note that after the Academy is formally approved, the board will send members a formal membership form to fill out, which will allow the Academy to track its members yearly.


  1. Paul Bedson, 10th August 2018.

Supporting organizations

Supporting organizations are organizations and chapters who believe their work can improve from collaboration among global education leaders.

  1. Everipedia Korea -
  2. Everipedia China -
  3. Everipeida Italy -
  4. Everipedia Russia -
  5. Everipedia Netherlands - Martin de Bruin, 10th August 2018
  6. Everipedia France -
  7. Everipedia Russia -
  8. Everipedia Philippines -
  9. Everipedia Sweden -
  10. Everipedia Romania -

Everipedia Academy Discussion

Please use the space below to chat or ask questions about editing or anything to do with Everipedia:

paulbedsoniq : Hello! Welcome to Everipedia Academy. Please feel free to ask me questions and I will try to reply as soon as possible.

geytgobtguge : yes before i make an article i already search this "up dharma down" in everipedia but no article about it, so i make one.


paulbedsoniq : Hello and welcome. Thank you for replying. I think maybe you didn't check carefully enough. There was an everipedia article but it didn't have a picture, so maybe you didn't notice it? Here is the original page about Up Dharma Down​ and here is your version Up Dharma Down​. You can see the date it was created in the "references" section. We should have a "merge page" button coming soon to clear this up, so don't worry. Perhaps use the image on the old version and continue work on that to improve it? You are welcome to update the old version and work on it with original writing, if you like? :)

geytgobtguge : im 100% sure that there was no article about it on everipedia. pls dont bully me, it's too obvious that you're the one who make that article on everipedia after i make one.

paulbedsoniq : I am sorry if I appear to be bullying. This is not my intention. Apologies as this communication system is not great yet. I only try to teach and help. You can check when an article was created in the reference section, where there is a date as shown in the screenshot below :

Screenshot of references section of the Up Dharma Down page showing the creation date "07/24/2016" highlighted with a red ring.


* Insert chat or question here ***

한국어 채팅

除了Everipedia Tutorial和Everipedia常见问题解答之外,Everipedia Academy是由Paul Bedson采取的一项旨在改善Everipedia学习体验的计划。[1]

paulbedsoniq:你好! 欢迎来到Everipedia Academy。 请随时向我提问,我会尽快回复。



***在此处插入聊天或问题 ****



Everipedia Academy는 Paul Bedson이 Everipedia 자습서 및 Everipedia FAQ 외에도 Everipedia에서의 학습 경험을 향상시키기 위해 취한 조치입니다.
아래 공간을 사용하여 채팅이나 Everipedia와 관련하여 편집 또는 기타 문의 사항에 대해 질문하십시오.
Paulbedsoniq : 안녕하세요! Everipedia Academy에 오신 것을 환영합니다. 언제든지 질문 해 주시면 가능한 한 빨리 답변 해 드리겠습니다.




***여기에 채팅 또는 질문 삽입 *


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