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Ethical Wiki is a US-based Wikipedia consultancy. It creates Wikipedia content for individuals and organizations, then helps clients propose the content to Wikipedia's editors. The firm was founded in 2011 and has since created more than 30% of Wikipedia's best company articles, according to Wikipedia's quality rankings.


Ethical Wiki was founded in 2011 by David King. [2] Before starting Ethical Wiki, King was the Wikipedia specialist at two public relations firms in Silicon Valley, California. [3] In 2011, King relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina and founded Ethical Wiki. [3] ` Initially, Ethical Wiki was a side project, but it steadily grew over time.


Ethical Wiki's primary service is researching, writing, and coding Wikipedia content; consulting on Wikipedia's rules; and helping clients propose the content to Wikipedia's community of editors. [14] The firm also provides support for long-term monitoring, updating, and consulting. [14] The firm is focused on helping clients that want to be ethical on Wikipedia by disclosing their affiliation with the article-subject and creating balanced works that include controversies. [15] The firm has created more than 30 percent of Wikipedia's best company articles, according to Wikipedia's article quality rankings. [15]


According to Ragans , King said marketers have become very sophisticated on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, but have not shown the same maturity in their approach to Wikipedia. [12] Corp Comms Magazine said Ethical Wiki advises companies to "respect Wikipedia's autonomy by offering valuable content to the Wikipedia community transparently." [13]

In June 2012 Ethical Wiki published a report titled, "Brands on Wikipedia by the Numbers" which analyzed 2,578 company articles on Wikipedia. [11] The report said bias, quality, and timeliness were the top concerns among Wikipedia's editors. [12] Additionally, 85 percent of brand articles were identified as incomplete or of poor quality, according to Wikipedia's editorial community. [12] The report was identified by PRWeek as a call for brand managers to better understand Wikipedia's content needs. [11]

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