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Etherparty is a Smart contract automation tool for the next generation of Blockchain -connected economies. The tool can be used for Ethereum and Bitcoin. [1]


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Etherparty - A Day in the Life.

The platform allows users to create smart contracts using customizable templates that can then be launched on the Ethereum or Bitcoin blockchain. No programming experience or knowledge is required. All smart contract templates are also fully tested to ensure they are safe and secure for deployment. [2] [3]

Users are able to create peer-to-peer escrow contracts, wagering, token creation, supply chain management, real estate agreements, contractor agreements and more. [4] [ 5]


On September 15th, 2017, Etherparty launched their pre-sale for their token, FUEL. To purchase and receive FUEL tokens, the owner must have an Ethereum wallet that supports the ERC-20 token standard. [6]

The contributors will receive their tokens between the time of purchase, September 15th through October 1st, the last day of the pre-sale. Public crowdsale participants will receive tokens immediately after contributing. [7]

All tokens will be time locked until the crowdsale end on or around Oct. 31. [8]

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