Erica Olsen

Erica Olsen is a student at Stanford University​. She filed a class-action lawsuit against Yale University​, University of Southern California​, and other elite colleges in the aftermath of the college admissions cheating scandal of 2019. [1]

Personal life

Olsen is a member of the five person elite Stanford dancing squad, The Stanford Dollies. She also scored exceptionally high during her studies, snagging a 35 ACT score and 2290 on her SATs​. In March of 2019. [1]​ [2]

The Stanford Dollies


Erica Olsen and fellow student Kalea Woods​ filed a class action lawsuit against William Rick Singer​ and a fleet of elite colleges. Olden's part of the lawsuit reads: 

Had she known that the system at Yale University​ was warped and rigged by fraud​, she would not have spent the money to apply to the school. She also did not receive what she paid for — a fair admissions consideration process.

The lawsuit alleges that both students' Stanford degrees are worth substantially less because now prospective employers have to question whether they were truly admitted to the university on their own merits. [2]

Both women are being represented by The Medler Law Firm​ and the Zimmerman Reed Law Firm. [2]

Hours after its filing, Erica Olsen decided to drop her name from the class action lawsuit. 

Erica Olsen
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