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EOSYS is an EOS block producer ​ candidate from Korea ​. As a BP candidate, EOSYS promises the following: 

Optimal Infrastructure
To ensure stable and secure block production, we maintain high-performance hardware with the best security experts. We provide the optimal infrastructure for EOS dApp developers.

Development Support and Investment
Based on the past experience of the killer service EOSscan.io, EOSYS designs, supports and invests in EOS based DApps. Moreover, we activate the EOS ecosystem by holding hackathons for developers and various meetups for students.

Community Support
EOSYS is dedicated to community building in collaboration with other BPCs, and every action "in EOSYS way" will be open and transparent.

Research Support
To engage more people in EOS ecosystem, we run and support an external research group EOS Evangelist Group. We continue the research in collaboration with other BP candidates and every activity will be open and transparent.

EOSYS is developing and investing in various projects:

EOSDAQ​ an EOS based Decentralized Exchange (DEX) invested and nurtured by EOSYS, launches in the Second Half of 2018. Various EOS based tokens will be listed and traded. EOSDAQ will maintain transaction speed in a stable manner by staking sufficient EOS resources, including RAM, CPU and Bandwidth. EOSDAQ plus the EOS blockchain enables users to experience fast transaction, even when there is a high traffic volume.

EOSscan with user-friendly UX/UI, NOVA wallet will be a EOS-based wallet.

TOKENEXT the World's first EOS based decentralized crowdfunding platform invested and nurtured by EOSYS, it will be a hub for numerous EOS projects, ICO's and funding.

EOSYS team

Scaling Plan

Based on needs and requirements on scalability, EOSYS plans to flexibly adopt the best available technical specification in timely manner.

AWS x1e.32xlarge
CPU: Intel Xeon E7 8880 v3 (18core) x 4 = 72 cores
Network: 25 Gbps
EBS storage
SSD: 100TB

32,000 IOPS

Total 2 Nodes (1 livenet, 1 standby)

Total Cost
USD 90,300 per month [2]

Community Projects

Infrastructure: Scale to maintain the best technical specification

A) Technical Specification: EOSYS will equip with the best technical specifications and servers to support investors and dApp developers build and use products based on EOS. Technical specifications will always be maintained best-in-class by the best technicians and security experts available in the market. [2]

Development: Build – Accelerate – Fund EOS based services and dApps

A) Build: As mentioned above, as an initiative to lead the boom EOS as the mainnet launches, EOSYS will initiate the movement by building core products such as EOSscan, EOSwallet, and so on, itself. In building and launching these products, EOSYS will strive to be exemplary in openness and transparency. [2]

B) Accelerate: EOSYS will run hackathons for developers, support college clubs/activities to flourish technological development and adoption of EOS ecosystem. [2]

C) Fund: EOSYS will invest in products and teams with fun ideas, core EOS value, and deep understanding in EOS. [2]

People: Engage everyone committed to EOS ecosystem

A) Team EOSYS: EOSYS consists of committed members in EOS community coming from different backgrounds. EOSYS will engage the best team with capable product managers, legal advisors, security experts and community managers to continuously study technology, form opinions on governance model, and build products/services. [2]

B) Collaborative efforts: EOSYS will be open to all different form of collaboration, partnership and volunteering from all individuals, BPs, entities, and communities in EOS community. EOSYS will actively reach out to those who value integrity and transparency, and respond by embracing valuable ideas and suggestions. [2]

Education: Raise awareness of the public on EOS

A) Content Development: EOSYS will educate existing and potential token holders by creating educational materials and sharing them regularly. EOSYS will make EOS approachable to the public, boost investor’s market and open user’s market in and out of Korea. [2]

B) Media: EOSYS will deliver most accurate and timely information of EOS leveraging its channels for communication. [2]

Community: Broaden and build EOS community together

A) Voters: EOSYS will encourage token holders in and out of Korea to vote and actively participate in the EOS ecosystem. EOSYS urges the global community to fully leverage their rights as the participants of the EOS community. [2]

B) Governance: EOSYS will actively shape its opinions and discuss openly with fellow BPs to support/direct EOS community in the best way. EOSYS will fully utilize all different channels to be open and transparent on its stance and activities. [2]

C) Meetups: EOSYS will host and coordinate EOS meetups regularly. EOSYS won’t be just Seoul-based but will help thrive EOS community in other regions in and out of Korea and support their meetups and events. [2]

Telegram + Testnet

Telegram ( English ): https://t.me/eosysio [8]

Telegram ( Korean ): https://t.me/eosysiokor [9]

Testnet Node Name: EOSYS

Block Producer Roadmap

1. Infrastructure

The engineering team in EOSYS has been experimenting with EOSIO to ensure stable block producing and solid infrastructure. EOSYS successfully underwent the bios boot process. Currently, EOSYS is monitoring the internal testnet 24/7(the monitoring page will be open soon). EOSYS is recruiting excellent engineers. [10]  ​

Plans for infrastructure expansion  — after the snapshot in June, a rapid increase of infrastructure can cause the imbalance of demand and supply. Thus, EOSYS changed the minor plans to expand the infrastructure step by step in a way that ensures efficient resource allocation. A detailed plan is as follows:

June, 2018: x1e.8xlarge (32 core, 1TB RAM)
September, 2018: x1e.16xlarge (64 core, 2TB RAM)
December, 2018: x1e.32xlarge (128 core, 4TB RAM) [10]

Security — Currently, in order to cover potential security issues, EOSYS is on discussing terms with several candidates. EOSYS will form a partnership with the most suitable solution provider. The partnership will be publicly announced before June. [10]

Progress with the Testnet — EOSYS has been preparing for consistent block production. Its engineers are conducting experiments and researches on EOSIO, educating all EOSYS members how BIOS Boot works. EOSYS finished reviewing the bios booting process and as a result, a testnet monitoring page will be provided in the middle of May. Testnet monitoring process is essential as it allows simulating block producing process so that we can predict and be prepared for possible issues. EOSYS is always ready to become a reliable block producer. [10]

2. DApp development / investment / support

EOSYS builds, invests in and supports DApps and services crucial for the ecosystem like Block Explorer, Wallet etc. Details will be revealed at meet-up on May 19th with additional articles. [10]

EOSYS DApp Challenge — EOSYS plans to host presentation sessions with teams who are creating values on EOS. Also, EOSYS will discover new DApp developers and provide mentoring and massive support in various fields including blockchain governance, token economy, technology etc. For those DApps standing out in this process will receive funding and technical support from EOSYS. The first EOSYS DApp Challenge will be held at EOSYS Seoul Meetup on 19th of May. [10]

3. Community building

Meet up — On 19th of May in Seoul, EOSYS invited block producer candidates from all over the world to participate and publicize their pledge and policies both on and offline. EOSYS hopes this meetup will act as a bridge between block producer candidates and Korean EOS community and market, engaging more people in building EOS ecosystem. EOSYS is striving to find more ways for BP candidates to compete fairly. The DApp Challenge mentioned earlier is part of the meetup which is planned to be held regularly in order to introduce various domestic/international projects. [10]

NEWS CLIPPING —Weekly EOSYS NEWS CLIPPING has been summarizing activities of EOS community once a week. It will be upgraded by including more contents and easier explanations. EOSYS Community team is recruiting more members to monitor EOS ecosystem 24/7. With such effort, EOSYS will be providing English version as well as Korean version from this June and distribute EOS ecosystem news across the world. [10]

Ecosystem support and Collaboration — EOSYS has been planning and hosting various meetups and education sessions. EOSYS will continue supporting EOS community on/offline in collaboration with other BP candidates. [10]

Position on Dividends

“…Therefore, Korean Block Producer candidate EOSYS believe that in order to invest in superior software/hardware and EOS ecosystem, not providing any dividends is better for both EOS investors and the ecosystem that is just starting.”

-Quote translated from “Dream of Korea having World-wide Blockchain” by Pyo Chulmin CEO [10]

EOSYS has participated in the ecosystem with the same vision as above. Even if this leads to losing in the election, EOSYS strongly believes providing dividend or paying the voters is not healthy for the ecosystem. EOSYS’ Block producer reward will not be used for vote buying but will be used to build infrastructure, expand community, support ecosystem, and for education purposes. In addition, EOSYS will follow the fair constitution EOSIO is following. [10]

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