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EOSWenzhou is an EOS block producer ​ candidat and technical admirers who obtained the earliest research on blockchain technology and EOS.IO. Currently, there are ten members on the core development team and fifteen members on community team. [1] [2]

Their block production servers will be located in the following cities:

China ​, Hong Kong ​, United States ​, Japan ​, and Singapore ​. [3]


Public Presence

Website: http://www.eoswz.com/ [4]
Twitter : https://twitter.com/eoswenzhou [5]
Weibo : https://weibo.com/u/6327269283?refer_flag=1001030101_ [6]
Steemit : eos.wenzhou [7]
email: service@eoswz.com [9]

ID on Steemit

(A) Official name of the block producer candidate: EOS Wenzhou [10]

(B) Head office location: Wenzhou [11]

(C) server location: China ​, Hong Kong ​, United States ​, Japan ​, and Singapore. [12]
(D)Server Type: Cloud Services (AWS , Alibaba Cloud , Google Cloud , Self-built Data Center) [13]

Team Members

Shengmao Zhang (Co-Founder and Marketing Strategy):
Co-Founder of a 10 millions user Online-literature platform named "SHIYIN Literature(十音文学)" and Block Information Platform named "MYBIT APP(币助手APP)",President of Wenzhou chamber of Commerce. [14]

Ge Dong(Co-Founder and Relationship Manager ):
Co-Founder of “F2Pool” and Hardware Cold Wallet named “Bepal” [15]

Jingci Chen(Co-Founder and Solutions Advisor):
CEO of Beijing cloud computing technology Co. LTD. The company has several large IDC data centre and mining-farm , also have tens of thousands of advanced server and miner machines. [16]

Linchuan Zeng (Co-Founder and Blockchain Consultant):
Blockchain Technical Consultant of MIIT( Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China) , Director of Blockchain Committee of China Financial Technology Association. [17]

Haowen Shi(Product Manager)
8 year-experience network and system safety engineer,Reverse engineer,experienced project manager, mobile internet entrepreneurs, and is well versed in the development of blockchains and DAPP. [18]

Dong Lin(Core Developer)
Senior Blockchain Engineer,Stellar China Community Technology Member,excellent in R&D work on blockchain infrastructure,technology integration, and system optimization .deep understanding on smart contract and encryption algorithms.Excellent in C/C+ +,GDB debugging, data structures and algorithms.join the develop on many blockchain projects based on Bitcoin, BitShares and Ethereum. [19]

Keqiang Yuan (CTO)
former Technical Director of China Telecom, who experienced in software R&D and architecture . excellent in Openstack,HDFS,virtualization,cloud technologies , DAP, and distributed system processing. [20]

Qun Li(Hardware Development Engineer)
Italian industrial designer, intelligent hardware developer, biochip expert, blockchain digital miner machine developer. [21]

Pan Limin(Security Expert)
former Tencent Network Security Engineer, 6 years Server System Architect, excellent in server automation operation and maintenance,vulnerability analysis, penetration testing,security reinforcement,emergency response and other security services, familiar with big data, server cluster developing and maintaining. [22]

Zhiyuan Zhong(Core Developer)
Senior IOS Engineer,5 year experience in IOS ,and 2 year bloackchain develop.excellent in Object C, C++ and Swift. participated in the development on many blockchain projects. [23]

Ji He (Core Developer)
Senior Android Engineer,5 year experience in Android, 2 year experience in blockchain developing, excellent in Javascript,JAVA,Solidity, C++, participated in the development on many blockchain projects. [24]

The illustration about their hardware.

Tech Specs

They will configure the high-end specification server to support investors and DAPP developers to build products on the EOS platform. They will make corresponding adjustment and expansion with consideration on EOS. IO network situation, requires from community members and other block producers. [25]

Scaling Plan

They plan to maintain and expand the best hardware specifications,the cost almost be depend on the requirements of EOS network however, EOS Wenzhou will not be subject to any foreseeable infrastructure costs.
Base on the requirements of EOS future developing, they will take positive cooperation with well-known database centre on domestic and overseas, build proprietary EOS data center, equip with rich data center resources, cooling and electricity capacity, parallel server configuration for demand expansion. At the same time complete a higher load balance, equip with higher bandwidth on elastically. They will take the DNS intelligent resolutions in proper time,and make achievement on the request response and calculation requirements of the millisecond level. [26]

Community Projects

A) EOS Wenzhou has several experts and engineers who have been experienced in network security, system safety, network structure, system operation and maintenance. In blockchain field, they have experiences on developing cryptecurrency, exchange , mining pool, hardware wallet, R&D on blockchain infrastructure design and system optimization. [27]

(B) They offer reliable and scalable high configuration servers for the EOS.IO, which equips infrastructure with hot backup, automatic warning and all-day duty functions; to insure the highest performance, the most secure network conditions, the most stable operation and maintenance, and Disaster Recovery Program. [28]

(C) They integrate community united with wallet products, consulting platform , DAPP development team quickly to make perfect EOS community. They will promote EOS community in wider influence both blockchain industry and non blockchain industry, and help more people understand blockchain, the status and development direction of the EOS. [29]

(D) Sticking to the principle of honesty, openness, transparency and diversification, we will publish operational status with related technical reports regularly and organize related activities. We strive on timely communication with other EOS block-producers, crypto currency investors, DAPP developer, and also some related organizations and companies who are interested in the EOS project. [30]

Telegram + Testnet

Telegram: https://t.me/eoswenzhou [31]

Testnet: http://net.eoswz.com:8888/v1/chain/get_info [32]

Http://net.eoswz.com:8888 [33]

http://net.eoswz.com:9876/ [34]

Block Producer Roadmap & Position on Dividends

(1) Values
EOSwenzhou is committed to using its strong technology to attract rich commercial resources, and combine business people with commercial associations around the world, then aggregate all entity business resources to fully stimulate its worldwide influence. They work together to promote EOS.IO ecological development under commercial scenario, and focus on EOS community ecology service to promote EOS system in stable and safe operation, carry out R&D on relevant blockchain based application, popularize EOS commercial application hatch, so as to push blockchain to a new fusion with all things and maintain blockchain ecological as well. [35]

(2) Financial status
EOS wenzhou foundation possess capital over 100 million RMB right now, which keep its independence on operational and financial from beginning to the end. They here ensure that EOSwenzhou won't be affected any investors or other Block Producer competitor, or make any damages to EOS ecology with any beneficial temptation, they keep full preparation on overcoming any foreseeable cost. [36]

They will establish an application incubator for contacting and investing teams on EOS DAPP development then take great advantage of EOS wenzhou to provide their R&D team with funds, publicity, community and technical support. Also they will make assistant in monitoring other BP, spare no effort to stabilize the inflation rate, so as to bring prosperity to the EOS.IO community and maintain the rights of our members. [37]

(3) Transparency
They firmly believe that the operation of the EOS.IO community should be open and transparent, including but not limited to the detailed revenue and costs of each witness point.Only under the condition of a transparency, EOS. IO community will make easier to establish high moral standards through the supervision of all members, their operation data and financial details will be released monthly to the community, for all members on reviewing and evaluation. [38]

(4) Standpoint on voting bribery
They are against all voting bribery since giving kickbacks to voters will make a negative impact on entire economy. The act of giving kickbacks to voters is to put BP individual interests or token holder interests over the entire EOS network participants. Thus our EOSwenzhou will not provide kickbacks or bribe EOS voters, whatever BP election and community proposals. EOSwenzhou will always act in an honest and faithful manner, and make the highest ethical standards to restrain our behavior during this BP competition. [39]

(5) Carry out decisions on arbitration
EOSwenzhou will comply with all the arbitration and implementation results,also they will confirm they are made for supporting EOS.IO ecosystem.EOSwenzhou acknowledge that all decision based on community consensus is the final one and they are binding on EOS. [40]

(6) Support for EOS.IO charter.
If there being any necessary amendment on EOS.IO charter, EOSwenzhou will spare no effort to publicize the reasons and contents for the revision. And with most people in understanding,we will organize the voting for the feasible amendment,and reserve this amendment in EOS blockchain for educating community members. [41]

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