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EOSTHU is an EOS block producer ​ candidate. EOSTHU strongly believes that EOS is the next generation of blockchain. EOSTHU introduces EOS tech to undergraduates ​ as much as it can. EOSTHU is building the first EOS block producer at Tsinghua University ​ in China ​. [2]


Public Presence

Website URL: http://www.eosthu.io/ [3]

Weibo: http://weibo.com/eosthu [4]

WeChat ​: EOSTHU

Twitter ​: http://twitter.com/eosthu [5]

Medium: http://medium.com/@eosthu [6]

Facebook ​: http://facebook.com/eosthu2 [7]

ID on Steemit

Steemit ​ ID: @eosthu [8]

Official Name: EOSTHU

Location of Company Headquarters: Beijing, China

Expected Location of Servers: Singapore ​; Tokyo, Japan

Types of Servers: Cloud

Current Employee List

Zhao Wei - Founder of EOSTHU and Project Sponsor
Mr. Zhao graduated from School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University ​ with EMBA degree. He is the secretary-general of the entrepreneurship association of the school of economics and management, Tsinghua university. He is also an angel investor ​ and the innovation and entrepreneurship tutor of "president cup entrepreneurship competition" of Tsinghua. He established in 2015 the first intellectual property equity fund guided by national capital - GUOZHIZHIHUI intellectual property equity funds, which is known as the national team or intellectual property funds. He invested in Bitcoin ​ miner in 2013 and is in the earliest batch who sensed the value of blockchain. Now he discovers the superiority of EOS and decides to provide the best EOS training course for the undergraduates. [2]

Peng Yun - Technical Director
Mr. Peng, granted a master degree of Neural Networks ​, has deep knowledge of blockchain and is an experienced developer on Hyperledger ​ Fabric. In 2017 he entered the field of EOS and has a strong belief that EOS is a breakthrough tech in blockchain field. [2]

Su Shile - Legal Director
Mr. Su, granted a master degree of law from Renmin University of China ​, is an experienced practicing attorney and has worked in several law firms. He knows well about financing policies all over the world especially about virtual coin area. [2]

Miao Peng - UE Director
Mr. Miao, granted a bachelor degree from Beijing Information Science & Technology University ​, was the co-founder of cachemoment.com. He has years of experience in user experience design. [2]

Zhou Shi - Operating Director
Ms. Zhou, granted a master degree from FH Niederrhein in Germany ​, has built professional blockchain committee for Intellectual Property Protection Alliance in China ​, and organized a dozen of offline sharing class on blockchain tech. [2]

Gong Yiming - Senior Architect
Mr. Gong was the senior engineer of 58 coin, and took charge in development of block distribution control system. He has deep understanding in virtual coin trade market and the development of coin wallet. [2]

Huang Lei - Product Manager
Ms. Huang, granted a master degree from Chinese Academy of Science ​, has rich experience in software product designing and has designed IP community system based on blockchain. Now she is focusing on EOS community designing. [2]

Li Shanshan - Product Manager
Ms. Li has been product manager for 2 years and is sensitive to the need of users. [2]

Wang Ting - Senior Engineer
Mr. Wang is an experienced Java ​ programmer and recently turned to the development of EOS. [2]

Jiao Wanyue - Senior Designer
Ms. Jiao is skillful at graphic design ​ and has plenty of graphic works. [2]

Technical Specifications

EOSTHU built the EOS node on Amazon Web Services ​ (AWS) which provide enterprise cloud service. Since EOS system should offer high TPS and wide bandwidth, the flexibility to expand is very important. Thus the first stage of EOSTHU is built on cloud to meet the needs of DApp community.

The configuration of test node is as follows:

  • Network 1 Gbps
  • AWS Shield (Managed DDoS Protection)
  • Intel Xeon ​ 16 vCPUs / 64GB RAM / 500GB SSD

The configuration of primary and backup block producer node is as follows:

  • Network 10 Gbps (up to 25 Gbps)
  • AWS Shield (Managed DDoS Protection)
  • Intel Xeon ​ 16 vCPUs / 256GB RAM / 5TB SSD

Among the primary block producer and the backup ones, EOSTHU is deploying a load balancing solution to handle a variety of requests from users. [2]

Scaling Plan

After the launch of June 3rd, EOSTHU will expand the scale of the cloud server to meet the actual needs and keep up with the demand of EOS. The hardware investment will be sufficient. If the performance of the cloud server can not be satisfied, EOSTHU will deploy an IDC server.

The configuration of the initial scaled server for primary and backup block producer node will be as follows:

  • Network 20 Gbps (up to 35 Gbps)
  • AWS Shield (Managed DDoS Protection)
  • Intel Xeon ​ 48 vCPUs / 1024GB RAM / 10TB SSD [2]

Community Projects

EOSTHU is the first EOS block producer candidate globally which is built in a university and focusing on EOS technical training for the undergraduates. It is supported by Tsinghua University ​ X-elevator and builds strong relationships with R&D centers in universities and research institutions. [2]

EOSTHU has experienced EOS developing engineers who can offer professional coach to university students. EOSTHU will provide regular training in universities step by step start from Tsinghua. EOS supporters and community builders will gather together in EOSTHU. [2]

Programming competitions will be held to find talents on EOS. Besides that, EOSTHU has built a professional blockchain committee for the Intellectual Property Protection Alliance. Opportunities will be provided to communicate and work with each other. [2]

EOSTHU builds close relationships with investors who will help the EOS developers build their own EOS community. [2]

Telegram + Testnet

Telegram ​: @eosthu [9]

Testnet Node Name: EOSTHU

Block Producer Roadmap

EOSTHU believes that EOS is a network for people to share, express and contribute. EOSTHU was founded in 2018. Ever since then, EOSTHU has organized several offline sharing with blockchain fans especially EOS. [2]

EOSTHU initiated blockchain application laboratory with Tsinghua entrepreneurs accelerator. [2]

In the future, not only training will be held, but also competitions and investment for developers will be organized. [2]

Position on Dividends

EOSTHU's claims are as follows:
EOSTHU is 100% dedicated to the community.
EOSTHU will never take bribes or kickbacks.
EOSTHU rejects the struggle for power and profit.
EOSTHU will only strive for the health of the EOS ecosystem as a whole.
EOSTHU will dedicate itself  to help more people benefit from EOS. [2]

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