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EOSrock is an EOS block producer ​ candidate. EOSrock is founded by a stellar team of ex- Google ​, Apple and Cisco engineers, that have built and deployed large-scale cloud infrastructures, distributed-systems, and cryptomining and blockchain development projects. [2]

With geographically distributed teams in blockchain hotbeds Slovenia ​ and Serbia ​, EOSrock believes it is uniquely positioned to run decentralized block producer nodes with top-notch reliability and scalability. [2]

In addition to hosting and managing the EOS block producers, EOSrock aims to accelerate the growth of the EOS platform by developing software tools and keeping its innovations open-source. EOSrock promises to conduct itself with honesty and integrity in all actions representing EOS project and EOS community. [2]

EOSrock believes that the EOS ecosystem will solve blockchain performance problems, and accelerate widespread adoption of the cutting-edge blockchain technology. [2]


Public Presence

Website URL: https://eosrock.io/ [3]

Twitter ​: https://twitter.com/EOS_rock [4]

GitHub ​: https://github.com/EOSrock [5]

ID on Steemit

Steemit ​ ID: @eosrock [6]

Official Name: EOSrock

Location of Company Headquarters: Belgrade, Serbia ​; Reno, Nevada

Expected Location of Servers: Germany ​; Slovenia ​; Serbia ​; France ​; Reno, Nevada ; Singapore

Types of Servers: Cloud (pre-launch); Bare-metal (post-launch)

Current Employee List

Vlada Marjanovic, Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur ​, founder of renewable-power crypto mining company CryptoRock, ex- Cisco VP of technology and business development [2]

Milos Brajovic, CTO

Accomplished blockchain development and operations professional involved in the blockchain technology since 2011, IT and data center subject matter expert [2]

Sinisa Drpa, COO
Senior full-stack software engineer ​, blockchain expert with extensive experience with Lisk ​ block producer node development and management, smart contracts ​ developer [2]

Zoran Dimitrijevic, Advisor, Large Scale Systems

Senior software engineer with experience in large-scale distributed and parallel systems (open-source Hadoop ​, Hive ​, Spark, GFS, Borg) and search Infrastructure at Google ​. He received his PhD in CS ​ from UCSB [2]

Nena Vuckovic

Focused on blockchain strategy and dApps development, with extensive experience in New Product Introductions at Apple and Cisco [2]

Dan N.

Expert in a broad suite of information security ​ environments with over 15 years of experience in insuring availability, integrity and monitoring compliance at Apple and Netflix [2]

Technical Specifications

The preliminary configuration prior to EOS.IO launch is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform ​. Google Cloud provides high availability, geographic distribution, and almost immediate on-demand scaling. EOSrock has launched primary and backup BP nodes on EOS testnet, with the following server configuration:

CPU: 64-core
RAM: 256 GB
Storage: 1 TB
Network: 2x 1Gbps
Operating System: Ubuntu 16.10
Geographical region servers: Germany [2]

Scaling Plan

EOSrock BP Node
Deployment Timeline

With team members in Serbia ​, Slovenia ​ and US, EOSrock plans to deploy stackable infrastructure in Tier 3 data center environments with highest levels of redundancy and security. The selected hardware surpasses requirements by designing a base configuration and scaling it up and out to match the anticipated number of users and transaction levels. [2]

High availability distributed build-outs insure that in case of a primary BP failure, a failover process to the backup BP node will be initiated with no service impact and downtime.

With one of the team members from the original Google Cloud Platform ​ architecture team, and SW engineer in Lisk ​ producer node role, EOSrock is capable of scaling the largest blockchain networks efficiently and fast. EOSrock will continue to improve performance and redundancy of its infrastructure based on constant benchmarking. [2]

EOSrock will be closely monitoring the processes and hardware across the distributed environments, by using in house built automation tools. [2]

Hardware configuration
HPE ProLiant ​ DL380 G9 2U Rack Server - 2 x Intel Xeon ​ E5-2690 v4 Tetradeca-core (14 Core) 2.60 GHz - 64 GB Installed DDR4 SD; 512GB DDR4, 5 TB, multiple 500GB SSD (main and backup Block Producer, full node)
Cisco Nexus ​ 56128P switch
Cisco ASA ​ 5506-X firewall with routing function
F5 LTM-2000S load balancer with support for private cloud tunneling, and DoS protection [2]

Community Projects

EOSrock is eager to contribute our expertise and resources to promote the increasing adoption of blockchain technologies and EOS ecosystem.

Q2 2018

Setup EOS server environment on Google Cloud Platform ​, and run EOS testnet
Secure power, space and HW in multiple colocations in anticipation of the mainnet launch
Share findings with EOS BP community [2]

Telegram + Testnet

Telegram: @EOS_rock [9]


Organization: EOSrock

Node domain (IP):

Port (http): 8888

Port (p2p): 9876

Producer name: eosrock

Public Key: EOS6VMejCdMRmG13SGzXaToc9dMoHo2fhbmbMS7xkUFqdWvxEajp8 [2]

Block Producer Roadmap

Q3 2018

Participate in the EOS workshops and publish presentations, lectures, and videos
Organize a series of hackathons and meetups in Serbia ​ and Slovenia
Develop dashboards and tools/scripts for task automation and share it with EOS community [2]

Q4 2018

Contribute to EOS initiatives with case studies [2]

Q1 2019

Launch EOS incubator in Serbia ​ and Slovenia [2]

Position on Dividends

EOSrock is against vote-buying. Its business conduct policy prohibits sharing dividends from the vote rewards with individual voters. [2]

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