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EOSPalliums is an EOS Block Producer ​ Candidate based in Beijing ​. [2]


EOSPalliums' mission is to build underlying infrastructure for value Internet, provide neutral multi-dimensional service, and build the cornerstone of social credit in the future on the EOS platform. [2]



Established in 1999, CSDN is the largest IT community and service platform in China. [2] ​ They provide Chinese software developer and IT practitioners with full services such as knowledge dissemination, career development and software development, meet their need for learning and knowledge sharing and information in career development, establishing a career development circle, and realizing commercialization of technology through software development. [2]

Microsoft China blue cloud

Shanghai Blue Cloud Network Technologies Co., Ltd is wholly-owned subsidiaries of 21Vianet, providing cloud services together with the strategic partner of Microsoft in operating Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Power BI in China. [2] Blue Cloud delivers world class cloud operation and service in china with over 400 professionals offering comprehensive cloud computing services including Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS), Platform as a Service(PaaS) and Service as a Service(SaaS). [2] As a leading local cloud computing service provider, Blue Cloud offers a renowned international cloud computing service platform – secure, mature and intelligent-it is the first official and commercial one of its kind in China. [2]
1. As the first company bringing international leading public cloud to China, is a one-stop operator of cloud services based on Microsoft technics, providing cloud service with Microsoft Azure, Office 365. [2]
2. Implementation of international standard service level agreements, provide a financial guarantee monthly 99.9% SLA of Microsoft Azure and Office 365. [2]
3. Established the first professional team with ability of international public cloud operation, provide high standard, high quality and reliable cloud services for users and ensure that all customers are able to enjoy the same service.
4. The dual certification service with ISO9002, ISO 27001 / ISO20000, US RAB and UKAS provide excellence service capability. [2]
5. As our country's first reliable cloud service certification enterprise issued by TeleInfo Institute of MII, currently is the cloud computing service provider which owns the most trusted cloud-certified in the country, covering the cloud hosting, cloud storage, database, cloud engine, total network load balance. [2]

Hardware Information

Tech Specs

Quasi server [2]
 1 x Cloud Node(Microsoft Azure D13 V2)
 CPU: 8 vCPU Cores
 RAM: 56GB
 Network: 1000Mbps
 Storage: Local SSD 400GB, Managed OS Disk 1TB
 Estimated Monthly Cost: USD $711

Scaling Plan

Master Server [2]
 HP DL360 Gen 10 server.
 x CPU Intel 8180M x 2 processor 28 cores and 56 threads per CPU (total 56 Cores and 112 threads)
 Network: 10Gbps
 Storage: 4 x 800GB SSD (Expandable to 17 x 800GB SSD)
 Estimated Monthly Cost: USD $6,058 / month
Referral Server [2]
 1 x Cloud Node (Microsoft Azure E64 V3)
 CPU: 64 vCPU Cores
 RAM: 432GB
 Network - 30Gbps
 Storage: Local SSD 1.6TB, Managed OS Disk 2TB
 Estimated Monthly Cost: $4,688

The main server is located in east China area of China, and the referral server is located in north China and south China respectively, and the data center has the competence of financial level remote backup service, 1T flow backbone network with perfect integration of flow cleaning center to protect against various attacks, 7 x 24h monitoring, the first time response of the all-weather Operations center and solving the problem. [2]


Yuan Dao [2]

  • Pallet thinker
  • Founder of Token economy
  • Director of Z-Park Blockchain Industry Alliance
  • Promoter of Blockchain and “Tong Zheng“(Token)conception
  • Graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering of Tsinghua University in 1991.
  • Engaged in the Internet industry for more than 20 years
  • Leader of the Internet infrastructure field.
  • Vice president of the well-known open source community-CSDN
    one of the promoters of “Tong Zheng“(Token)conception

Peijiang Zhu [6]

  • Secretary General of Z-Park Blockchain Industry Alliance
  • President of Palliums
  • Graduated from Department of electronic engineering of Tsinghua University in 1998
  • Held the position of deputy director and senior engineer of a National Research Institute
  • Engaged in network,video as well as blockchain technology research for years

Kenneth Chen [2]

  • Co-Founder & CTO of GenieNRM
  • Co-Founder & CTO of Datamite Technology
  • Chief Strategy officer of TelTel
  • Co-Founder & CTO of IDHuB
  • 20 years experience in products design and management

Dr. Xinman Li [2]

  • General Manager of Shared Services Center, SSC of 21Vianet
  • Earned a PhD in Computer application of Northeastern University
  • Held the position in Cernet Networkd Co., Ltd
  • Director of operation centerin CERNET
  • General Management of Network Development Department in Neusoft

Xianguo Zhang [6]

  • General Manager of CDN in WiFIRE, in charge of operation of WiFIRE
  • 15 years experience in R&D and products
  • Engaged in cloud computing, CDN, IOT, the car network, wireless communication, communication equipment
  • Have served in Huawei, Blue flood, Letv, MOTOROLA, Nokia

Dr. Jian Liu [6]

  • Earned a PhD from the National University of Defense Technology
  • Engaged in the development and research of operating system, distributed computing, supercomputer and so on for years.

Zhehao Yang [6]

  • Product manager of blockchain Palliums Technology
  • Senior researcher of Z-Park Blockchain Industry Alliance
  • Engaged in market analysis and problem-solving of blockchain

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