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EOS.pacific is an EOS block producer ​ candidate. EOS.pacific builds both local and global communities for EOS developers who have interests to promote their products in Asia-Pacific ​ regions. EOS.pacific provides Asia-Pacific access and one-stop solutions for global developers. EOS.pacific is powered by Node.pacific, a company promoting blockchain technology. [2]


Public Presence

Website URL: http://www.nodepacific.com/ [3]

Twitter ​: https://twitter.com/eos_pacific [4]

Medium: https://medium.com/@eos.pacific [5]

ID on Steemit

Steemit ​ ID: @EOS.pacific [6]

Official Name: EOS.pacific

Location of Company Headquarters: Hong Kong ​; China ​; USA

Expected Location of Servers: Hong Kong ​; Singapore ​; China

Types of Servers: Cloud

Current Employee List

Gao Han, CEO
Han has worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years, previously working with Goldman Sachs ​ as a proprietary trader ​ and China Investment Corporation ​ (CIC) as Head of Trading. He later founded Sinolink Securities (HK). Since 2016, Han has headed the China team of HKEX ​ group which designed and implemented stock connects, bond connects and various products and services. Gao Han obtained his BS degree from Tsinghua University ​, and Master’s in Statistics ​ & Ph.D. in Computer Science ​ (parallel and distributed computing) from the University of Chicago ​. [2]

Sam Wang, partner CMO
Wang is web team leader of personal network disk in Alibaba, who was involved in Moody's ​ credit rating system and core development of the Thunder network membership system, has ten years of website product architecture and development & management experiences in business model combing, system development, implementation and equity financing, etc. At present he focuses on Fintech ​, as well as the consulting, technology, investment and financing services in the area of blockchain finance. [2]

Ricky Ding, partner COO
LLM ​, University of California at Berkeley ​. Has managed many investment funds and has many years of experience in Mainland China ​ and Hong Kong capital markets ​, including but not limited to backdoor listing ​, convertible bond ​ issuance and reorganization, large-scale mergers and acquisitions ​. [2]

Dr. Jason Wang, CEO North America
Wang obtained his bachelor degree from Hydraulic Engineering ​ department of Tsinghua University ​ in 2005 and Ph.D. from Civil Engineering ​ department of Virginia Tech ​ in 2011. His research focused on high-performance computation and simulation. Then he worked in multiple disciplines of energy industry for 7 years and started his own offshore engineering consultant company before joining NodePacific. Now his enthusiasm is focusing on blockchain technology and application in North America energy sector. He is also serving as the president of Houston ​ Tsinghua Alumni Association. [2]

Dr. Victor Wang, Legal Advisor
Wang obtained Bachelor of Science degrees in both Geophysics ​ and Mathematics ​ from Peking University ​ in 2007. His practice includes a broad range of business transactions in the areas of domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, project development and finance, and blockchain. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Geophysics and Applied Mathematics ​ from Purdue University ​ and a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from University of Houston Law Center ​. [2]

Elliot Ning, Chief Architect
Ning has nine years of development experience in mobile technology and Internet of Things ​, previously worked with first-tier technology companies such as Meizu ​, Allwinner ​, etc. Elliot currently focuses on research in smart contract, governable blockchain, and construction of ecosystem for development of EOS DApps. [2]

Garry Guo, Senior Operation Expert
Guo graduated from Taiyuan University of Science and Technology ​, blockchain enthusiast, has unique insights on blockchain field. As an independent self-media, Garry runs an official account about blockchain and has tens of thousands of followers. He has also organized several high-quality discussion groups. [2]

Norde Xiao, Chief Designer
Xiao is director of design and operations, has rich experiences of rigorous innovation and profound understanding of the Internet industry. He cooperates with clients from different industries, constantly offers good user experience design and generates new value. He is well-experienced in Internet design and community operations. [2]

Technical Specifications

CPU: 8-core
Storage: 512GB

Note: The testnet node will continue running for beta testing of the coming new version of the EOSIO system, after launch of mainnet. [2]

Scaling Plan

First of all, EOS.pacific would like to highlight its three core safety measurements:

A) EOS.pacific will have a professional operation team to manage and maintain the server.
B) EOS.pacific will also hire third party to have safety audits of the server.
C) EOS.pacific will use Amazon Web Services ​ (AWS) Shield for DDoS ​ attack and adjust “load balance” and extend the capacity of AWS Shield, according to the threat to the server.

EOS.pacific will be following up with the plan made by EOS community once EOSIO initiates the IPFS ​ layer. EOS.pacific will deploy enough bandwidth and storage for IPFS node and respond quickly for the request from global locations. Also, EOS.pacific will delete certain inappropriate contents following the requirements and guidelines from EOS community in a timely manner. [2]

EOS.pacific is implementing the scaling plan in two phases. In Phase 1 EOS.pacific will deploy the node with Amazon Web Services. The server will be based in Singapore ​. EOS.pacific might consider other geographical or jurisdictional choices in case of unexpected catastrophic events happen in the regions. In Phase 2, EOS.pacific will scale up the server capacity according to the usage of EOS. [2]

Phase 1

When the mainnet launches, EOS.pacific will deploy BP nodes on AWS. EOS.pacific will leverage AWS’s reliable services and flexible extensions, to provide one of the best servers available in the world, for developers running DApps on EOS. [2]

In Phase 1, the Block Producer Node will include one primary machine and one backup machine. The configurations of both the primary and backup machines are the same:

Amazon Web Services ​ Cloud Machine:

CPU: AWS EC2 r4.8xlarge, 32-core
RAM: 244GB
Storage: 1TB SSD [2]

Phase 2

After launch of mainnet, EOS.pacific will continue monitoring the capacity of its nodes and scale up its capacity in advance. EOS.pacific might consider multiple locations of servers to enhance node stability. Depending on future EOS traffic, EOS.pacific might also consider implementing docker cluster based on k8s. [2]

Community Projects

Partners and Representatives for global EOS communities

EOS.pacific will set up partners and representatives to be the champions building local communities in global cities. They will play an important role in organizing events to help EOS communities connect the resources with each other and with EOS.pacific. [2]

Offline EOS Meetups globally

EOS.pacific will host offline meetup events in global cities. EOS.pacific has plans to expand its footprints in G20 ​ countries within a year. EOS.pacific has two upcoming offline events in Hong Kong ​ and Houston ​ by the end of May. [2]

Communities for Bankers, Lawyers and other professionals

EOS.pacific builds EOS communities for professionals and experts to promote the concepts and technology of EOS to them. They will be able to help EOS communities to develop useful skill sets to make meaningful applications. [2]

Communities for Institutions and Corporates

EOS.pacific builds EOS communities for institutions and corporates. This would be a useful resource for EOS developers to find a solution for a real business case. [2]

Training and Education

EOS.pacific will provide blockchain and EOS training and educations to the communities. [2]

Asian Access

EOS.pacific has specialists ready for those developers who have interests in the Asia-Pacific ​ market. They are professional and understand Asia ​ with solid experiences in blockchain implementation. [2]

One-stop Solutions

EOS.pacific has developers who are able to help and provide one-stop solutions. [2]

Telegram + Testnet

Telegram: @EOSPacific [7]

Testnet IP:

Testnet Port: 8888

Block Producer Roadmap

March 2018 - Assembled a team with EOS / Blockchain knowledge and the ability to access Asia-Pacific ​ market, also a team who understands professional industries like bankers and lawyers.

April 2018 – Prepared the first round of resources necessary to run an EOS node
May 2018 – EOS.pacific founded
May 2018 – EOS.pacific announced officially for the candidacy to be a Block Producer
May 2018 – First offline event in Hong Kong
May 2018 – First offline event in USA
May 2018 – Kick off the communities
May 2018 – Test node will be done
June 2018 – Main node will be done
June ~ Oct 2018 – EOS Wallet will be developed
June ~ Dec 2018 – Will support EOS circulation
July 2018 – Will support EOS Airdrop SDK
Aug 2018 – First round of sponsorships
Sep 2018 – Will have communities in Europe
Oct 2018 – Will build communities in South East Asia ​ and China
Nov 2018 – Will build communities in North America
Nov 2018 – Second round of the sponsorships
Dec 2018 – Will build communities in Australia
2019 – Will develop tools on EOS to support smart contract [2]

Position on Dividends

EOS.pacific does not support the actions so called “vote buying”. A block producer should earn the qualification, not buy it. EOS.pacific believes that any of these “vote buying” actions will eventually cause damage to the EOS therefore it will not accept the “vote buying”. [2]

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