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EOSoCal is an EOS block producer ​ candidate founded in Nov 2017 with the mission of supporting and promoting the successful launch and viability of the EOS.IO software and community, operating out of Southern California ​. The goal of EOSocal is to contribute to the overall success of the EOS.IO decentralized ecosystem from this area of the world, helping masses preserve life, liberty and property for a better world. [2]


Public Presence

Website URL: https://www.eosocal.io/ [3]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eos_la [4]

ID on Steemit

  • Steemit ID: @eos-socal [2]
  • Official Name: EOSoCal
  • Location of Company Headquarters: Southern California
  • Expected Location of Servers: Southern California
  • Types of Servers: Bare-metal servers ​ and Cloud servers


Cesar Diaz, Head of Strategy

Cesar Diaz is a technology entrepreneur ​ born and raised in Southern California, who successfully exited 3 founded ventures, two of which sold to venture capital firms ​. After being inspired by Ron Paul ​,  Cesar decided to focus on the development of positively-impacting decentralized applications aiding in the preservation of life, liberty and property, like Dan Larimer ​. [2]

Cesar takes part in hosted large-scale mining operations in the State of Washington and also operates an owned-&-operated facility in Southern California where the proposed block production will be hosted; which currently operates ASIC ​ mining and GPU nodes. He is an investor in next generation, post Von Newmann Architecture, processors currently in development, designed for high speed CPU ​ processing in nodes. Cesar is in early stages of developing a decentralized application programmed on the EOS.IO platform utilizing smart contracts ​ with user governance, which is hoping to positively impact a billion people, and will be "air dropping" tokens. (To be announced March 2018) His next planned development is a contribution-driven economy aiming to employ people in poverty from their remote location anywhere in the world. [2]

Cesar is an investor in two of the first crypto based venture capital firms, Blockchain Capital ​ and Pantera Capital ​, and also manages a private venture capital firm focusing on developing and incubating blockchain-based projects, coin/token holdings as well as infrastructure investments. [2]

Alex Gomory, Technology Lead

Alex Gomory having built currently-hosted GPU nodes from the ground up, is active in hardware ​and software development ​ and is responsible for maintaining node and mining operations. He has been working with Cesar since 2011 on various ventures and single-handedly programmed a mobile marketing automation ​ platform from ground-up, still in operation today. [2]

Alex is working to assembly initial EOS node hardware for EOSoCal. He is also assisting with early-stage design and development architecture of a decentralized application on the EOS.IO platform. [2]

Virginia Larez, Administrative Lead

Virginia Larez has over ten years in executive administration and is in charge of accounting ​, corporate administration, human resources ​ and much more, and was administrator during two successful exits. [2]

Tech Specs

Proposed initial single-tenant physical server "bare metal" hardware at launch June 2018 - Subject to adjustment based on suggestions from Block.One, community peers, fellow block producers and demand-based requirements [2] ​:

*Back Up - EOS Socal will operate two nodes, one physical server for livenet and another cloud based server on standby as a back up for maximizing up-time. They plan to work with the block producer community to develop open source failover ​ systems that automatically enable stand-by systems in the event of main system failure. [2]

Scaling Plan

EOSoCal plans to scale with demand and has stated they have ample room, cooling and electrical capacity for in-house expansion. They are a self funded organization and do not have to rely on investors or block rewards to expand. [2]

Community Projects

EOSoCal is engaged in and supports a variety of educational and community benefit programs such as workshops, meetups, development of community tools and decentralized applications. They are currently are funding these benefits out-of-pocket; however if elected block producers, they plan to expand on their budget and efforts. EOSocCal pledges to commit a percentage of our block rewards to expanding these initiatives, to be determined based on our position within the elected block producers and number of votes received; which determines the amount of producer rewards. [6]

EOSocal has kept a small team so they can minimize overhead. They also do not have any investors to funnel rewards so they can maximize their ability to re-contribute to the community. [6]


Community Benefit Project Objective Complete By
dApp Announcement Announce project details and provide development roadmap. May 14, 2018
Educational Workshops & Meetups Schedule EOS user/developer workshops & meetups and scale frequency. Next scheduled 05/17/18. Tentative second one in May. Scale frequency starting June 2018.
Transparency & Accountability Dashboard Complete and release minimal viable product. June 1st, 2018
Announce % Committed to Community Benefits Determine commitment amount based on election results and publish. June 5th, 2018
dApp Incubation Begin accepting dapp project submissions for funding and select based on community benefit value. Accept submissions as of June 15th, 2018. Announce first third party incubation by July 1st 2018
Online Content Create robust online educational content. July 1st, 2018
EOS Drops Redevelop EOSdrops.io as open source EOS smart contract based directory of drops. End of July 2018
Release Longer Term Timeline of Community Projects Update timeline and continually add projets. Continuously updated.

Telegram + Testnet

Telegram: @eossocal [5]

Testnet: EOSOCAL

Position on Dividends

EOSoCal has stated that they are fully against sharing of block production rewards in exchange for votes (“vote buying”) and agree to not take part in such practices. [6]

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