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EOSNz is an EOS block producer ​ candidate based in New Zealand. EOSNz is a block producer contestant committed to driving EOS blockchain movement and the only platform provider to address decentralized applications at scale across distributed environments. [3]


Public Presence

Website URL: https://eosnewzealand.com/ [4]

Medium: https://medium.com/@info_13409 [5]

ID on Steemit

Steemit ​ ID: @eosnz [6]

Official Name: EOSNz

Location of Company Headquarters: New Zealand

Expected Location of Servers: Auckland, New Zealand

Types of Servers: Bare-metal

Current Employee List

S Kiran - CEO
As the CEO of EOSNz, Kiran is responsible for running all facets of the business. Kiran has a proven executive management track record and several years of experience driving sales and growth across multiple industries. At EOSNz, Kiran is currently determined to setting a strategy and vision to promote EOS to the community and adding the culture, values and build a strong EOS community. [3]

Srikanth Jonna - CIO
Srikanth fills in as the everyday lead for organizing and dealing with the different capacities inside Office of the Chief Information Officer, and facilitates with and gives exhortation to the community initiatives in regards to Block Producer, information management, assurance, and website activities management and operations. He is involved in the planning, community development activities, deployment, and observation of various IT solutions that address the necessities of clients. [3]

Sathish Kumar - Manager
At EOSNz, Sathish monitors the engineering procedures and department’s tools and promotes the evolution alongside the business’s systems. He plays an active role in improving and building the EOS platform services and regularly checks and monitors the development activities, analyze root causes, and employ preventive measures avoid reoccurring of similar issues. He also takes accountability and ownership of the performance and reliability of the EOS infrastructure that the business manages. [3]

Kalyan C - Dev Ops (Engineer)
Kalyan designs and develops the business architectures, develop/ implement code configurations meant for production environments. He designs, tests, and supports risk management techniques and enables support of consistent and continuous integration techniques. He also maintains the business’s configuration and deployment tools by transforming them into a robust system and also design, setup, maintain core infrastructures. [3]

Balakrishna A – QA Analyst
Balakrishna is in charge of making a conclusion to-end test design for the EOS developments; executing the arrangement and dealing with all exercises in the arrangement to guarantee that the goals of EOSNz are met. He makes sure that any issues are resolved and assures the execution, dependability, security, and similarity with another heritage and additionally outside frameworks. Balakrishna does this by guaranteeing that each phase and feature of the code that will be developed for EOS community is tested and that any potential issue is distinguished and settled before the item goes live. [3]

Sharath L
Sharath plays a collaborative role where he works with the development team to create solutions for the purpose of monitoring and deploying the EOS applications. In his collaborative capacity, he also supports technical teams by performing technical analyses to improve reliability and scalability of the system. Keeps up with the industry best practices, standards, and trends and identifies automation opportunities by developing automation solutions. [3]

Technical Specifications


If EOSNz is "appointed" as Block Producer, only 1 Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance will be running the main BP for the duration of the first election.

Instance Type - 4 x AMD Hexa Core ​ 2.60GHz (24 CPUs) ( Bare-metal)
CPUs - 24 Cores
Memory - 128 GB
Storage ( IPFS ​)- 4 Terabyte
Linux ​ - Ubuntu
Price/Month- $5,000 USD
n/w bandwidth- 10gbps [3]


If EOSNz is "elected" as Block Producer, two Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances will be running as full EOS nodes. In the event of a failure of the main BP node, the secondary BP node will act as a backup and will become the main node. Minimal downtime shall be the main priority in case of a full node failure.

Instance Type - 2 x Intel Xeon ​ X5670 ( Bare-metal)
CPUs - 24 Cores
Memory - 128 GB
Storage ( IPFS ​)- 4 Terabyte
Linux ​ - Ubuntu
Price/Month- $10,000 USD
n/w bandwidth- 10gbps [3]

Scaling Plan

Each major center in ANZ region will be expected to host an EOS full node which will be under the support of EOSNz. Proper training for setting up & maintaining an EOS full node will be provided by EOSNz. Once a city has proven they have the technical knowledge and bare metal hardware to provide support as a full node, their node will be added to the EOSNz cluster BP and they will start to collect EOS Rewards. [3]

Community Projects

EOZNz's Community Contribution Program provides direct contributions and sponsorships to select meetup groups that make a difference in the lives of people in our communities, with particular emphasis on supporting EOS that help people access resources to improve and enrich their lives. [3]

Telegram + Testnet

Telegram: @eosnz [7]

Block Producer Roadmap

EOSNz shall spend/share the EOS block rewards to help or grow the EOS community by helping the community understand how making digital easy by helping them:

Understand the overall business impact
Map the current environment
Leverage its EOS research platform
Discover and prioritize use cases
Identify partnership options
Understand the impact on the legacy environment
Develop adoption strategy
Develop execution roadmap
Avoid regret spend
Infrastructure choices and scalability
Choice of underlying ledger fabric
Consensus model approach
Data security and transport requirements
Front-end user interface
Hardware considerations
Integration, Testing, Deployment

and how they can harness the opportunity to build the DAPPs on EOS platform by:

Reducing complexity in value transfers
Harnessing the power of emerging EOS technology
Enabling the Internet of Value
Creating new or migrating the existing de-centralized applications to EOS ecosystem
Creating and monetizing the digital asset [8]

Position on Dividends

EOSNz believes that buying the votes or selling the rewards/payments for voting is immoral and against the EOS constitution. [8]

By supporting these EOS DAPP communities, EOSNz will never ever make it a condition to offer rewards or payment to EOS token voter community for any reason to vote for EOSNz. [8]

EOSNz may require some teams or individuals to carry out the worker proposals for it, but this doesn't constitute to offer rewards or payment to EOS token voter community by any other means to vote for EOSNz. [8]

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