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EOS.Heding is the world's first Trading platform ​ for Decentralized Digital currency Derivatives ​. [1]

Mission Statement

EOS.Heding is the world’s first trading platform for decentralized digital currency derivatives, EOS.Hedging will be launched after EOS main network going alive. EOS.Hedging is committed to becoming the world’s largest digital currency derivatives trading platform. [1]

They also aim to become an EOS (cryptocurrency) ​ block producer. [1]


EOS.Hedging is a financial project on EOS, and the team consists of top talent people in the blockchain field. Founding members have accumulated more than 30 years of entrepreneurship and have extensive project experience and entrepreneurial experience. They will build the world’s first trading platform for decentralized digital currency derivatives based on EOS and aim to achieve an 100 billion U.S. dollars annual transaction in five years. Additionally, the company will use 60% of its profits for token repurchases, giving EOS.Hedging’s community users the maximum incentives. [1]


EOS.Hedging is located in Hong Kong ​, China ​. [1]

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