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EOSHCC is an EOS block producer ​ candidate based in Singapore ​. [1]


Public Presence

Website URL: http://eos.hcc.top/ [2]

GitHub ​: https://github.com/healthcarechain [3]

ID on Steemit

Steemit ​ ID: @eos.hcc [4]

Official Name: EOSHCC

Location of Company Headquarters: Singapore

Expected Location of Servers: Singapore ​; China ​; Japan

Types of Servers: Cloud

Current Employee List

Little He
Continuous entrepreneur ​, years of digital currency investment experience, system architect, 8 years of software development experience, responsible for the overall technical architecture design and monitoring of project development. [1]

Carrie Liu
Master of Business Administration ​, continuous investor of digital currency, management experience of listed company for many years, industry expert in medical information field, responsible for project strategic planning and team management. [1]

He has experience in technology management of listed companies, more than 8 years of working experience in the Internet industry, masters various iOS ​ frameworks, and is familiar with the development of Android ​ and web projects. [1]

The early participants and investors in the blockchain industry have a number of blockchain communities and also operate a number of self-media public accounts. They have been deeply involved in the promotion and operation of digital currency exchanges and blockchain projects. [1]

Years of experience in the field of health industry, responsible for the company's financial and material planning and control, risk prevention and control. [1]

Android ​ Engineer, has a number of commercial grade APP independent development experience, proficient in Android ​ application development and Java ​ language. Familiar with all the mechanisms of Android ​ development. [1]

Full-stack engineer, proficient in PHP ​ frameworks such as tp, Laravel ​, yii, etc., good at interface development and front-end separation, skilled use of MySQL ​, Redis ​, myaced, excellent database design and optimization capabilities. [1]

iOS ​ development engineer, proficient in iOS ​ architecture operating system and mechanism, skilled UIKit, Core Animation, OpenGLES ​ and other graphic image applications; with mixed development and SDK packaging skills. [1]

Technical Specifications

AWS ​ 16 Core, 64 GB RAM, 256GB+ SSD ​ for Testnet, EOSHCC will operate two nodes, one for livenet and another for reserve/backup. [1]

Scaling Plan

EOSHCC will expand the server with 8TB of RAM, 10GB of bandwidth, and 100TB of storage within one hour of determining the demand. [1]

Community Projects

EOSHCC is researching and developing Dapps and contracts, and will submit the source code to GitHub ​ later. [1] [3]

Telegram + Testnet

Telegram: @eos_hcc_node [5]

Block Producer Roadmap

March 2018 Setup local node - Completed

March 2018 Setup multi node local net - Completed

April 2018 Join testnet using VMs - Completed

May 2018 Configure DC Bare metal ​ nodes - Completed

May 2018 Simulate BIOS ​ boot up on local net - In Progress

May 2018 Deploy DDoS ​ protection and Load Balancer - In Progress

June 2018 Voting Simulation - In Progress

3rd June 2018 Main Net Launch

June 2018 Commence Scaling Plans

Upgrade RAM
Increase Bandwidth
Graduate VMs to Bare Metal
Refine Scaling Plan Roadmaps

July 2018 IPFS ​ Deployment Testing

July 2018 EOSHCC has launched educational project featuring new and up-to-date contents that educates the general public on understanding EOS and its values in layman's terms

August 2018 EOSHCC will begin hosting monthly meetups which aim to connect EOS developers and investors; these monthly meetups will help both parties to share new technology, ideas, innovation and resources [6]

Position on Dividends

EOSHCC does not give EOS voters any permission to obtain more votes. EOSHCC promises to never share income with any voter to win votes, and everyone can monitor our behavior. EOSHCC respects the Constitution and all its rules. EOSHCC respects any other BP decision. [7]

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