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EOSGen is an EOS Block Producer ​ Candidate based in Iceland ​ and Hong Kong ​. [1]


EOSGen is the official block producer candidacy of Genesis Mining, a cryptocurrency mining hosting service founded in 2013. [6] ​ The organization owns datacenters in Iceland ​ and Sweden ​ and have mined Bitcoin, Zcash, Ethereum ​, Dash ​, Monero, and others in the past. [1]

Mission Statement

EOSGen's mission is to contribute to the increasing individual sovereignty of EOS and it’s users while decreasing the social inequality (globally and locally) by tapping the economic, technological, and social potential of EOS and its decentralised, borderless, and efficient nature. [6] ​ Their goal is to provide people with the means via the technological backbone, so they can participate in the EOS and blockchain community. [1]

Server and Hardware Information

Infrastructure diagram

The primary node will be hosted in Iceland ​ in a facility has a redundant, high capacity UPS supply and a diesel generator on site for backup. [6] ​ In addition, the facility is fully redundant indirect adiabatic air cooling system, configured to a hot aisle/cold aisle design is installed to monitor and control the temperature and prevent overheating. [1] ​ The primary hardware is the Dell PowerEdge R740 and has the following specifications (same configuration for any backup infrastructure as well): [6]

  • Dell R740 8 x 2.5” Bay - Chassis
  • Dell Intel X710 I350 Quad Port 10GB Network Card
  • Dual Intel Xeon Platinum 8180M 2.50GHz 28-Core
  • 1.5TB DDR4 RAM
  • Dell H740P 8GB NV Cache PCI-E Raid Controller
  • 2 x Dell 2.5” 3.84TB 12GBPS SAS SSD Drives
  • 2 x 1100W Power Supply
  • IDRAC 9 Enterprise


Marco Streng
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Streng is the CEO & Co-founder of Genesis Mining. He studied Mathematics at Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich. [6]

Dr. Marco Krohn
Dr. Krohn is the CFO & Co-Founder of Genesis Mining. Studied physics, mathematics, economics. PhD in mathematical physics. He has held previous a senior structuring quant roles at UniCredit Bank. [6]

Philip Salter
Head of Operations
As a long time cryptocurrency enthusiast and software project manager, Mr. Salter takes care of data center management and oversees technical developments in the mining ecosystem. [1]

Shah Hafizi
Chief Compliance Officer
Mr. Hafizi has over a decade of securities regulatory experience. He was previously CCO at BlackRock, Inc. and held leadership roles at the SEC, UBS AG and D.E. Shaw & Co. [1]

Björn Arzt
Chief Legal Officer
Mr. Arzt is a capital markets expert with over 15 years of legal experience. He was previously senior counsel at UniCredit Bank. [6]

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