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Attention: the following entry is not correct! The original creator of this page mixed up eos.fish and eosfish.io thinking they are the same. They are not.

eos.fish aka bp.fish is a candidate EOS block producer (eosfishrocks), while eosfish.io is a gambling dApp.

EOS FISH(also known asFishingjoy, ticker symbol:FISH) is a decentralized application and fishing game on the EOS blockchain. It was founded in December 2018. People are rewarded in FISH tokens by playing the game. [1]


EOS Fish is backed by F2Pool who started mining Bitcoin in 2011 and established a mining pool in 2013. [6] In December 2018, EOS Fish was created as part of their mission to develop blockchain -based innovations in finance, cross-border communities, technologies, logistics, and hardware. [5]

Tokenholders of the game, also known asFISHholders, own a share of the EOS Fish platform; this includes ownership of profits and resolution rights.

All game data and random numbers are stored and generated on the blockchain so that the game mechanics can be fully verified for fairness and transparency. The 12 species of fish have different odds and players can adjust up to 7 times when they shotgun. Watch out for bling bling fish king, the fish king owner means ready to sharing the treasure under the sea.

EOS Fish is partnered with the BitKeep wallet.


EOS Fish has three core team members and two advisors. EOS Fish's CEO, Chun Wang, is also one of the Co-Founders of F2Pool. [3] Geofeng Zhao is a Co-Founder and is a cryptocurrency arbitrager in Southeast Asia. [6]Marshall Long is also a Co-Founder and is considered as the world's first Bitcoin miners who systematized mining.[6] Max Keiser and Stacy Herbet serve as advisors. [5]


  1. Prepare your EOS account. If you do not have an EOS account yet, create it according to the EOS tutorial.
  2. You need to operate the account on the web through Scatter. If you do not install Scatter yet, please install Scatter
  3. Press the login button to log in via Scatter
  4. Adjust the amount of bet (the level of the gun)
  5. Different fish species, different probability and odds
  6. If you miss a fish you will not lose your bet, you can try again
  7. If you do not kill the fish you hit it will add bonus FISH tokens to that species of fish and the next person to kill that species will receive their EOS bet multiplier and the bonus FISH tokens

*Since the games are all executed on EOS smart contracts, the game is guaranteed to be fair and cannot be cheated. EOS Fish uses unique encryption technology to ensure that the results will not be changed.

Random number generation: postfix6(sha256(sign(sha256(betid+palyerseed+timestamp))) Mod 10000

Block Producer

In April 2018, EOS Fish announced its EOS block producer candidacy. [5]

Hardware Specifications

Eos.fish is expected to have bare metal servers located in Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles. [6] The exact specifications are 12 2core/128 GB RAM/ 600 MB SSD 8 with RAID 6 + 1.2 GB*8 also RAID 6. In the future to scale, they plan on adding a cloud server as a backup. [6]

Community Benefit

To benefit the EOS community, EOS Fish plans to launch an incubator with support from a seed fund and human resources, contribute to dApp development, organize meet-ups and build communications with EOS organizations from around the world. [5]

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