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EOSex (cryptocurrency symbol: EXP) is a semi-decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on EOS.[6] Their aim is to become a community-based platform in which their token holders share the profits generated from the exchange. They have plans to offer digital asset spot trading, CFD trading, and on-chain trading on their platform. 

Their cryptocurrency , EXP, stands for EOSex Proof. The distribution of their tokens is based on a proof-of-membership, which means that those who own EXP will be granted a daily share of the profits.[1] 

EOSex supports Everipedia's IQ tokens.[4]


EOSex was launched in 2018.[2] 

EOSex are currently running an ICO (initial coin offering). They have run stages since October 15, 2018, and gave different rates based on whether you invested earlier in their funding round. They only allowed EOS tokens during their first stage and later introduced Ethereum tokens in their later stages.[8]

EXP total supply is 10,000,000,000. Its ICO ran at the following rates:[8]

  • Stage 1 (October 15, 2018 to October 22, 2018): 1 EOS = 3000 EXP; subscribers could invest a minimum of 5 EOS and maximum of 5,000 EOS.
  • Stage 2 (October 24 to November 4, 2018): 1 EOS = 2,800 EXP; 1 ETH = 109,000 EXP; subscribers could invest a minimum of 5 EOS/0.12 ETH to 5,000 EOS/129 ETH.
  • Stage 3 (November 8 to November 30): 1 EOS = 2,600 EXP; 1 ETH = 97,500 EXP; subscribers could invest a minimum of 5 EOS/0.12 ETH to 5,000 EOS/129 ETH.

Once EOSex's EXP tokens are issued, EOSex plans to transform their blockchain entity into a decentralized company controlled by its the EXP token holders.[8]


We intend to provide a safe, fair, and transparent digital asset trading platform for the blockchain industry.

We are creating an ecosystem built on a distributed governance system that not only allows for the trading of cryptocurrencies but the trading of tokenized financial derivative products, making for a complete digital trading platform that can access the world.

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