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EOSeoul is an EOS block producer ​ candidate. [1] ​ Their team consists of NEOPLY and NEOWIZ, a leading online game company in Korea with more than 1,000 employees (including subsidiaries), and is a listed company on the Korean stock exchange with an annual revenue of approximately $200 million. [2] [3]

One of the main logos of EOSeoul.

NEOPLY is Korea`s first start-up accelerator set up in 2008 by NEOWIZ.

They have been developing and managing PC online & mobile games on a global scale and has been one of the leaders in this field in Korea for the past 20 years. [4]

NEOWIZ’ business has transformed and expanded over the years, closely following the history of the internet and the development of the industry, constantly searching for opportunities that rise in this space. They believe that the next big thing would be the blockchain protocol which would bring a new paradigm to this era. [5]

Image of the location of the servers that EOSSeoul will be a part of.

Users on the internet can copy and own data without incurring any cost. This openness was what allowed internet to explode and expand. However, this meant that the creator/owner of the data was not properly rewarded as he/she was entitled to. [6]


Blockchain protocol recognizes the ownership of data. The ownership belongs to the user who contributed or created the data, and reward is given to those who positively contribute to the ecosystem and thus providing incentive for them to continue to do so. [7]

However, there is still a lot of problems to be solved. The whole blockchain ecosystem needs to be more accessible to the wider public and developers need to contribute more useful services to this ecosystem and thus create a positive cycle. At the same time, the block producers need to provide a reliable network infrastructure. They believe that EOS software could be the closest solution to the issues that we are facing. Therefore, they would like to participate in the innovation of the EOS ecosystem. [8]

Their block production servers will be located in Tokyo ​ and Singapore ​. [9]

Roadmap of EOSeoul.

Public Presence

Steemit : http://steemit.com/@eoseoul [10]

Github : http://github.com/eoseoul [11]

Website : http://eoseoul.io/ [12]

Twitter : http://twitter.com/eoseoul_kor [13]

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/EOSeoul.kr [14]

Wechat account: neowiz [15]

ID on Steemit

  • Steemit ID: @EOSeoul [16]
  • Official block producer candidate name : EOSeoul [17]
  • Location of company headquarters: NEOWIZ Pangyo Tower 14, Daewangpangyo-ro 645beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 13487, Rep. of KOREA
  • Expected location of servers: Tokyo ​ and Singapore [18]
  • Type of servers: Cloud(AWS)
  • Current employee list and pictures of at least 67% of staff & Relevant background qualifications for at least 67% of staff:
    • Yongkil Kwon (CEO)
    • Taegeun Bae (CIO)
    • Taehyun Kwon (Chris) (CTO)
    • Joongsup Choi (CISO)
    • Sungmin Ma (Lead Systems Engineer)
    • Jaejin Yoon (Lead Software Engineer)
    • Kyunghwan Kim (Technology Manager) [19]

Tech Specs

They have opened the public testnet. It can easily be expanded depending on the environment and conditions. They are planning to run tests of various scenarios that members of the ecosystem including dApp developers, block producers, exchange and members of the EOS ecosystem would be interested in. [20]

  • Type : Cloud(AWS)
  • Location : Seoul AWS region
  • Machine : m4.2xlarge instance
  • Number : 1
  • Memory : 32GB
  • CPU : vCPU 8 Core
  • Storage : SSD 300GB
  • Network
    • uplink capacity : 1G High Shared Network
    • VM interface bandwidth : 1G High Shared Network
  • Monthly Bill : USD $457 [21]

Scaling Plan

They will be using both cloud and data center in the early stages. They will closely monitor the growth and make sufficient provisions as needed. Further details on security, expansion, gateway, data will be posted in due course. [22]

  • Location : Seoul AWS region
  • Machine : m5.12xlarge (up to x1.32xlarge)
  • Number : 1
  • Memory : 192GB (up to 2TB)
  • CPU : vCPU 48 Cores (up to 128 Cores)
  • Storage : SSD 2TB * 2EA(NVME) + EBS 16TB (Provisioned IOPS 20000)
  • Network : 10 Gbps (up to 25 Gbps)
  • Monthly Bill : USD $2,800 (up to $19,361)
  • Type : Cloud(AWS) [23]

Community Projects

They will bring the best technology and experience The stability, expandability, security and maintenance of every and each node in an EOS ecosystem is crucial. We will provide the following experience and technology to the community. [24]

Experience of stably running a large scale service

  • In 1999, we serviced a web-based chat service called Say Club (concurrent user 550k) [25]
  • Co-developed FIFA ONLINE 2 with EA which was a success in the Korean market with over 200k concurrent users [26]
  • Utilize both data-centers and cloud services to cope with network/application requirements [27]
  • Obtain efficiency through developing and refactoring into MicroService Architecture (MSA) and deploying using various container tools [28]
  • Currently running an infinitely scalable service [29]


  • ISLA (2017) Senior Information Security Professional Category Award
  • Received the 10th Information Security Award (2011, Korea)
  • Received ISMS certification for many years
  • Currently running a stable service resistant to cyber attacks [30]

Active participation in open source projects

  • Co-developed various open source projects Contributed to the growth of open source projects (Provided infrastructure to KLDP, Korean Linux Documentation Project)
  • Provided technical assistance to start-ups [31]

Telegram + Testnet

Telegram(english) : http://t.me/eoseoul_en [32]
Telegram(한국어) : http://t.me/eoseoul [33]
Telegram(简体中文) : http://t.me/eoseoul_cn [34]
Telegram(日本語) : http://t.me/eoseoul_jp [35]
Telegram(developer) : http://t.me/eoseoul_testnet [36]

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