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EOSAsia is an EOS (cryptocurrency) ​ block producer. [1]


Their servers are located in Seoul ​, Tokyo ​ and Singapore ​. [1] ​ The headquarters are in Hong Kong ​. [1]


Dafeng Chuo is a Co-founder ​ and Chief Technical Officer ​ of the company. He has been in Ycombinator in 2013, and has developed trading platforms for Goldman Sachs ​, Morgan Stanley ​ and Yahoo ​. He earned a Bachelor of Science ​ in Computer Science CUHK ​. [1]

Joseph Fanelli graduated from TongJi university with a background in Finance with astute skills in Computer Science ​. [1] ​ He worked for Tencent ​ in the Music Department ​. [1]

At EOS Asia, Jinma Li will lead operations in China. [1]

John Yoon is the head editor of Startup Radar, a startup tech media platform that helps Korean startups go global. He has been writing about the Korean startup and blockchain ecosystem for over 4 years with over 600 online articles. [1]

Tyler has the distinction of being the youngest person accepted into Y Combinator. He started coding at the age of 12, and sold his first company when he was 16 years old. He is in charge of EOS Dapps for the company. [1]


On June 14th of 2018, EOS Asia was elected to be a trusted EOS block producer. [5]

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