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EOS the World is an EOS Block Producer ​ Candidate based in San Juan, Puerto Rico ​. [3]


The EOS the World team is made up of people in a variety of fields including computer science, business, marking, and philanthropy. [3] ​ The organization is entirely self-funded and does not accept outside investment. [3]


The EOS the World Team consists of several core members. [2] ​ J.T. Buice serves as Director of Information Technology and has over 16 years’ experience and broad competencies in all areas of IT infrastructure and security systems including LAN and WAN networking, server architecture, large scale storage, and telecommunications. [10] ​ Bobby Singh is the Dirctor of Blockchain Coding and Director of dApp Developer Interface founded two blockchain-based startups in the past, Luxury Ledger and Refuge Network. [10]

In addition, Roger Post is the Director of Online Security, Jennifer Morrow is an Online Security and dApp Developer Outreach Program Security Consultant, Brett Jeffery is a Founder, Williard E. Brown III is the Director of Philantropy, Raul Vidal is Legal Counsel, Roberter Correctjer is Legal Counsel and dApp Developer Legal Outreach Team, William Torres Torres is Financial Management, and Soctt Daniel is the Director of Community Outreach. [10]

Hardware and Server Information

Processing and Storage Hardware Information

EOS the World will have their servers outside the island of Puerto Rico because of the unstable nature of the power grid on the island. [4] ​ All of the locations are Tier 3 data centers with at least: [2]

  • 9 Carrier-Neutral Connections at or above 10 Gb/s

  • N+1 electricity redundancy with 4 MW backup generator

  • N+1 cooling

  • 24x7x365 NOC Coverage

  • hardened security environment features a layered security protocol that includes biometric authentication, access key cards, and DVR camera surveillance.

The first server location in be in Waco, Texas ​ and the second will be located in Dallas, Texas ​. [3] ​ A third server location is slated to be in Paris ​ with a fourth being in London ​. [4]


EOS the World has taken the substantial undertaking to provide (for starters) 1 PB of bare metal in-house storage for each of its data center servers, and will continue to provide only in-house, bare metal storage as the network grows, no matter how rapidly, how large, or whatever the expense (which is anticipated could become sizable) as time passes and the network grows. [9] ​ Whenever our storage units become 50% full, we will immediately double the amount of storage, or enough to provide 75% available storage on all primary and back-up locations. [9]

EOS Community Involvement

An EOS Center

EOS the World intends to donate 75% of their net profit toward philanthropic efforts which will mostly be to causes in Puerto Rico. [2] ​ In addition, EOS the World plans to aid the the EOS ecosystem by subsidizing services for EOS dApp developers. [2] ​ This effort includes helping them with affordable access to legal, accounting, business development planning and advice, and access to elite hardware, high speed fiber optic cable, utility redundancies, and liability insurance. [2] ​ They will do this by setting up physical EOS Centers worldwide. [2]

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