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EOS Sweden  (stylized as EOS Sw/eden ) is an EOS block producer ​ candidate.


Public Presence

Website URL: https://eossweden.org

Telegram: @eossweden

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eossweden [9]

ID on Steemit

  • Steemit ID: @eossweden [2]
  • Official Name: EOS Sweden
  • Location of Company Headquarters: Sweden
  • Expected Location of Servers: Sweden
  • Types of Servers:

Tech Specs

Block producers

Primary: Dual Xeon, 128 Gb ram (upgradeable to 2 Tb), 512 Gb SSD

Full node

Primary: Dual Xeon, 64 Gb ram (upgradeable to 2 Tb), 512 Gb SSD (in the future this machine will probably need to keep the same amount of ram as the producers to make sure they can validate all blocks on time).

Storage (IPFS)

Primary: Dual Xeon, 32 Gb ram (upgradeable to 1 Tb), raided 500 Gb 10k rpm (cache drives), 10 Tb 7.2k rpm

Combined full nodes & storage

Secondary: Dual Xeon, 32 Gb ram (upgradeable to 1 Tb), raided 256 Gb 10k rpm (cache drive), 10 Tb 7.2k rpm
Tertiary: <same specs as above>

Load balancer

Will be configured to balance traffic between the full nodes and the incoming p2p connections (this way I can easily scale and do my best in helping provide fast access to the blockchain). It will most certainly be hosted by one of the giants to get an extra level of automagic protection.

Scaling Plan

Each individual machine will receive ram and SSD upgrades as soon as block rewards start coming in. Upgrading main and secondary producers will be of high priority (should be first month of me being elected). This should make sure my setup is ready for quite high usage and also make sure I’ll be able to keep the system up even if the income would drop heavily.

More disks will be added to the EOSIO Storage machines as required.

Regional producers can easily be added when needed to allow horizontal scaling at all producer locations (will start with three, as of today I have secured seven locations in total). Depending on how regional scaling is solved; extra machines could be added for the full nodes as well.

I don’t think scalability will be a huge issue for me as long as I can stay elected and the price of EOS doesn’t drop thousands of percent from where it is at now.

Once enough block rewards has been received I will separate the combined full nodes / storage to their own machines, and based on blockchain usage start adding:

Block Producer

Backup #2 : <minimum same specs as the existing producers >

Full nodes

Tertiary: <same specs as the other full nodes>
Quaternary: <will add more machines as usage increases>


Tertiary: This machine will follow the specs for the other storage nodes but on the Epyc platform
Quaternary: ... ( will add more machines as usage increases )

Community Projects

Highly active in the different telegram groups – always willing to both learn and to share what I know with the community.

Community Testnet

As an active participant in the Community Testnet I have learnt a lot. It has been an invaluable experience and I would recommend any serious block producer candidate to join us in the fun ( https://t.me/CommunityTestnet). We are currently waiting for a a stable and working dawn3 release. As soon as we have that we will start trying to optimize our servers and up the game on performance testing.

Our current tests are mostly limited to the dawn2 releases (because our dawn3 still forks the chain under heavy load).

BP Surveillance Camera

A while back I built a surveillande camera using a raspberry pi. I will set it up at all of my locations to automagically send an image (when motion is detected) to a group in telegram. This way, if someone tampers with the hardware, the community will know and can react accordingly. As soon as I have some time (and nothing worth prioritizing higher) I will make sure to create a guide and post the source code so any BP candidate can follow this example if they want to.

EOS Portal

Currently working on EOSPortal.io – a voting portal to help token holders stay informed and be able to hold block producers accountable, among other things. More on this later.

Telegram + Testnet

Telegram: https://t.me/eossweden [4]


Block Producer Roadmap


Position on Dividends

I believe that inflation lowers the value of all existing EOS.
I believe that lowering the inflation is a way to share profit with the entire community.

I believe that the best way to increase the value of the platform is by creating value within the platform.
I also believe that those who perform work should be payed.
I think worker proposals are a great solution and I will support them heavily.

I believe that there’s a fine line between supporting work in the platform and outright paying for votes. The biggest difference for me lies within the motivation behind the act.
Is it done in the interest of the individual(s) or the community?

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