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EOS Rio is an EOS Block Producer Candidate based in Rio de Janeiro ​. [5]

Mission and Values

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EOS Rio Introduction

EOS Rio's goal is to nuild a reliable Block Producer infrastructure and grow the EOS community in Brazil ​ and South America. [3] ​ The organization has four fundamental values; disruptivemess, the value of decentralization, rethinking work via artificial intelligence, and support of entrepreneurship and nonconformity. [3]

Server Infrastructure

EOS Rio's main physical servers will be located in Rio de Janeiro with cloud-based backup nodes in São Paulo ​. [3] ​ Their bare metal producing node will be built from scratch being optimized for the task of block production, while a cluster of non-producing full-nodes will provide high-speed and high-availability access to the EOS blockchain for the developers and end users. [3]

EOS Rio is participating in community-powered test networks Jungle, Arrowhead, and Superhero. [3]


Rede Entropia Team

The Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Lab, Venture Builder, and Startup Accelerator Rede Entropia is the organization behind EOS Rio. [3] ​ Some key people include Head of Technology Igor Lins e Silva, Chief Scientist Christian Aranha, DApp Developer Mauricio Bomfim, DApp/Mobile Developer Dominique Deschatre, Designer Fabio Gois, Data Scientist Pedro Otávio Teixeira Mello, and Scrum Master Jones Chages. [3]

EOS Community Contributions

The EOS Rio iniative is to enable local startups to improve the lives of people on a global scale. [3] ​ Using the Rede Entropia backbone, the organization plans to evolve and adapt to any changes and challenges that are faced within the EOS network and beyond. [3] ​ EOS Rio plans to organize several community focused events, such as, but not limited to: meetups, workshops and courses to spread knowledge and broaden the EOS.IO ecosystem. [3]

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